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If you’ve come to this site sister, you’re probably looking for direction on living your version of an ALIGNED life.

More likely, than not, you’ve struggled with self-image most of your life from battling your body, to feeling unworthy, limited, or incapable of doing something meaningful in the world.

You’ve probably been in relationships that felt hurtful or suffocating because you did not feel worthy of having anything different.

You’ve probably broken a few dozen (or hundred) promises to yourself about your weight, your job, and your entire life.

You are NOT alone. I need you to hear this.

There are HUNDREDS of beautiful, radiant, amazing women trapped in this lackluster experience of reality because of their programming.

It doesn’t have to stay that way.

A few years ago you couldn’t have paid me enough money to share the picture to the right on ANY public platform. I would’ve rather dropped dead.

Having lived a LONG nearly 15 years with harrowing body image dysmorphia, self criticism, emotional eating, binge eating, and self harming thoughts – my life just 5 years ago was a SHELL of what it is now.

My own journey helped me cultivate the LOVE I now have for helping women become FREE of their own hurtful body/mind dramas.

My methodology is simple and EFFECTIVE: I combine simple fitness and nutrition routines to help build EMPOWERMENT, ROUTINE self care, and STRUCTURE. I then include EFT Tapping to help you *eliminate* the emotional blockages keeping you from accessing your GREATEST version of self.

You know that self – the one who loves her life, crushes her goals, takes care of herself without a second thought, eats to feel good, doesn’t feel deprived, and loves the skin and brain she’s in. She’s inside of you and she wants OUT.

Frustration is your SIGN, sister.

You are ready.

The time really is NOW.

We can do that together.

Fill out this health assessment form so I can get to know you and your current challenges a little more intimately and we can go from here.

You ready for that, babe?

It’s time SISTER. Let’s get ALIGNING.

Let’s get together and feel alright. ❤

In Response To Current Times…

I have created two different avenues to support you and to help you stay centered and grounded during this pandemic.

1.) Sliding Scale Mini- Readings: These are 30 minute sessions that allows us to come together via video conference to help you find clarity and guidance. The sliding scale is $10-$50 (my normal rate for 30 mins) and will be done via FB video or Facetime. Contact me via the form, we will set up a date/time and then you can give your offering post session.

2.) Become a PATRON: My becoming a patron and pledging to support my ongoing video education work (replacing my previous podcast) you will have access at the 2 highest tiers to monthly backstage passes to my New Moon/Full Moon events meaning -you get to stay after and get some cards pulled for YOU. This in addition to your initial gift for your pledge which I message you directly. My patrons allow me to continue creating high quality content and to build a community with my fans.

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