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In this video I share the TWO primary ways that we choose to learn. Preparation is POWERFUL. TAU is a strategic tool to help you PREPARE for your experience of life.

Welcome to TAU – Alignment Mastery Program

What is TAU? What Does It Mean?

Originally this project was titled The Alignment University because indeed University is the experience you receive as you complete daily assignments, experience weekly mentorship and refine your understanding of alignment and how to wield it.

For short, I would lovingly refer to it as TAU. Eventually, TAU became it’s “official” name with the tag line – Alignment Mastery Program.

A few weeks following this official transition, I was meeting with one of my massage clients who also happens to be from South Africa when she remarked about the name of my program. She asked me if I knew what the word ‘TAU’ meant.

I admitted that I did not, but it just came to me that THIS was the correct name for the program.

She then explained that the word ‘Tau’ means Lion in a few African dialects and that she found it interesting that I chose THAT as the name of the program and, unknowingly, as the mascot of it as well.

Upon further research I discovered yet another interesting thing about the name of the program and it’s affiliation with Lion as a totem: The lion, the nocturnal King of the Jungle, is also recognized as the totem associated with taking command of ones subconscious mind and liberating it from old harmful templates about reality.

The Universe is truly brilliant, isn’t it?

What Actually Happens INSIDE of TAU

Together we will uncover the true tethers to our ultimate expression of reality and build a new experience of reality pulling from traditional cognitive methods and metaphysical wisdom teachings while using EFT tapping to clear emotional blockages.

We will unravel the templates in the subconscious mind keeping you “trapped” in your stories.

We will illuminate the conscious mind, thereby activating the prefrontal cortex which is the part of your brain responsible for active decision making so you can begin making new choices.

And we will empower you to make those new choices with confidence, so you can QUICKLY see the result of a life lived from and in alignment.

What You Receive Upon Enrollment

In our private FB group you will receive:

  • A personalized guided meditation for the theme of each month.
  • A short tapping video on the theme of the month.
  • Access to 4 coaching calls a month
  • Digital PDF manuals with the material for each month in a learning until in our Facebook group. The manuals will also be emailed to you as a PDF.

How The Program Works

Each month will carry a new THEME. Each daily journal prompt correlates to the THEME of the month. You will set aside 10-15 minutes daily to complete the writing component.

The calendar is given for you to save the dates/times for the WEEKLY coaching calls. Each call will be an hour in length. In that hour I will coach 3-4 members on a specific topic. Members wanting to be coached will submit their request the week before and they will be pre-selected to avoid overlap.

What Clients Are Saying About Their Coaching Experience…

“Shakti is a beautiful human being inside and out. She is an incredible teacher who shows up everyday to encourage and inspire others. She truly cares about others by pouring into everyone with 100% LOVE. 
I was looking for guidance and encouragement but what I found was so much more. I’m so grateful for you! Thank you for the work you do! If you are looking for a knowledgeable and dedicated coach you need to connect with Shakti.” –Christine Nelson

“Shakti is seriously one of the most patient people I know, if you ask for her help and truly put in your best efforts she will never give up on you. She is a honest hard-working gal who is in touch with her needs, desires and ambitions which is what makes a her such a great coach and mentor.” – Julie Booker

“Shakti has been a friend of mine for many years and I was one of her first coaching clients back in Florida. She is intuitive, receptive, responsive, and so attuned to the individual she is working with. She is motivating but gentle enough to encourage you even if you’re starting from negative 100 and working your way back to zero. Shakti truly brings all of herself to her work and is genuine about everything she brings into the session! –Ana Gadish Linares

“Shakti has an innate ability to see through, and tell you what you need to hear, even if you don’t always want to hear it. Truly a messenger of love that you can feel so deeply without ever needing to meet her. Her readings are like a spiritual alignment where she helps you discover the path that has always existed within you, but was quieted along the way. Absolutely would recommend her to anyone!” – Jessica Daley

TAU is a Membership Coaching Program

TAU is a monthly membership community and the rate is $97.

The membership model allows for students to have maximum exposure to learning and coaching while greatly reducing the investment. It IS designed to over deliver in every way. This allows students to have somewhat of a private coaching experience without the initial commitment.

If you have a specific trauma/phobia/medical issue you would like to work on, please do not rely solely on group coaching. As a member of TAU you will receive a discount for private EFT coaching. Make sure you schedule private sessions as well as we will not have time to unpack something of that nature in a group setting.

Expect a commitment of at least 6 MONTHS to see real, lasting results. There is no contract involved you are free to decide month to month if this is the right option for you.


Enrollment is now open YEAR ROUND for TAU. This means you can decide to enroll at any date during the month.

It’s Time To Change Right Now…

It’s been a LONG time of trying the same thing and not seeing results.

There have been MANY books read, many videos watched, and MORE confusion to deal with.

You have a very real opportunity to change that right now.


There is a reason you were DRAWN to it. But without looking at our templates and re-wiring them, we will not live the change we desire.

Please make sure that your mailing address is CORRECT and updated on your Paypal account as this is where your manual will be sent. Expect a confirmation email after you’ve enrolled welcoming you to the program as well as an invitation via FB to join our group.

So excited to serve you in this way.

So much love.

Master Coach,


**Please Note**

a.) Investments are non refundable for the month you’ve paid. If you’d like to cancel for the following month you can access your paypal profile and easily end the subscription at any time.