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Why Open Time Is The Most Undervalued Asset In Your Life & Business

One of the greatest deterrents to success is our inability to risk investing in our time. We ONLY want to give ourselves time for the things we KNOW will pay out in some specific way that we can measure.  Especially as parents, we will…

Willpower is Bullshit & Acceptance is Deliverance

This message is a really sensitive point for me. I immediately think back to when I had my son. My first kid. I had no idea what to expect. No idea what I was doing. No idea what I wanted it to be like….

From Fitness Fanatic to Mindful Motivator and Falling In Love With The Process.

When I first started my fitness journey, my primary objective was – lose all the baby weight! I was miserable looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a body that was bloated, flabby, and 22 lbs over what I had known it to…