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Embodying Alignment: How To Use Your Senses To Align

Embodying alignment  – bringing the feeling of alignment into the body – is one of the most powerful practices I’ve ever used to help me lean into my desires and bring them into demonstration. In this episode I share how I personally have used…

When Getting What You Want Feels Like Shit: The unexpected truth behind manifesting your desires

We all truly believe that when we receive what we’ve been dreaming of it will feel like riding a Unicorn across a rainbow and being showered in gold coins and glitter. (If you’re into that….you know…. *shifty eyes*) The truth is quite often FAR…

Self Image Is Key To Alignment: How Your Image of Self Is Affecting Your Experience of Law of Attraction

Many students come to me frustrated with their understanding of LOA (law of attraction). Many have been practicing refining their understanding for YEARS and have yet to see the full effect of that work. They know that it could be so precise and powerful…

The Universal Law of VOID

Most of us DREAM of having more, doing more, and being more but FEW of us dare to deliberately create the space in our lives for this experience. We don’t realize that the Universe cannot fill a void that does not exist. When we…

Birth Is An Ongoing Process

Many of us see birth as a single experience that we have the moment we come earthside.

The reality is that birth is an ongoing process.

The 6 Steps to Manifestation

In this episode I’m breaking down exactly how it is we manifest in hopes that you – dear listener – will take these steps and start using them CONSCIOUSLY for the things you do desire.

What Is Alignment +Welcome!

Welcome to the FIRST episode of The Alignment University Podcast!

In this episode I share a bit about myself and where I’ve been on this Earth plane that has given me the understanding and tools to then teach and coach on alignment and then I also define alignment VERY simply.

During our time together I am aiming to create an audio experience that DEEPLY serves you in understanding your own alignment weekly.

The PODCAST is here! Welcome To The Alignment University Podcast.

The Podcast is FINALLY HERE. I am beyond thrilled to have this stage of my work completed and available to all of you. It has been a LONG TIME dream to create a consumable product that could follow you wherever you are without necessarily…

On Alignment: How Do We Stay IN It And Avoid Derailing Emotionally?

This was the question posed by one of my students in the Alignment University yesterday during our live call. She specifically expressed that for the most part she would do well getting into her vortex and feeling the alignment and then “life would happen”…

Alignment Is A 3 Step Process

Starting in January you all will have access to my very first official podcast! ((Hooray!))  In this podcast we will be talking ALL THINGS alignment. The name of the podcast is The Alignment Academy Podcast. It was born of the metaphysical group coaching project…