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Self Image Is Key To Alignment: How Your Image of Self Is Affecting Your Experience of Law of Attraction

Many students come to me frustrated with their understanding of LOA (law of attraction). Many have been practicing refining their understanding for YEARS and have yet to see the full effect of that work. They know that it could be so precise and powerful…

Creating An Aligned Experience of Body & Healing Food Issues

The one small component of healing that can easily be overlooked. In my work as a fitness and nutrition coach, I have the honor of working with a very specific population of women that deeply want to heal their relationship to body and food….

From Fitness Fanatic to Mindful Motivator and Falling In Love With The Process.

When I first started my fitness journey, my primary objective was – lose all the baby weight! I was miserable looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a body that was bloated, flabby, and 22 lbs over what I had known it to…