The Sovereign Sessions

What If You Knew Exactly How You Were Designed To Manifest?

Had that crystal clear kind of knowing that allowed you to make decisions confidently, find opportunities that supported you, started relationships that were actually good for you and dropped the endless anxiety of never knowing if you’re on the right track?

Why I created The Sovereign Sessions…

13 years of digging through personal development and eventually business development paired with spiritual empowerment, brought me to the precipice of this creation. Passionate about business, spiritual elevation, and personal empowerment I am committed to helping you rise into the driver seat of your reality with a deep and reverent understanding of who you are and what you came here to discover and thrive in.

As a mother, entrepreneur, writer, tarot advisor, human design specialist, minister, yogini & bodyworker – trust me when I say, I’ve spent a long time in the work of healing (self & supporting others) and I am no stranger to the profound feeling of lostness that befalls us from time to time.

In those moments I found that every coach or system I turned to promising a strategy that would work for me, would fall flat and leave me feeling more confused than I was before. I had this nagging feeling that the “one size fits all” coaching model was not what it promised to be.

When human design came into my life it quickly transformed the way I experienced reality. It differentiated me and allowed me to appreciate the differentiation of others. It confirmed my intuitive belief that we are not all here to learn the same, grow the same or build the same. It acknowledged my long held instinct that there were specifics to each person that gave them a greater chance at success and ease.

Since applying my own design diligently, my entire reality has shifted and quickly. I no longer live in a nagging anxiety that I’m on the wrong path or doing the wrong work etc. It’s given me perspective as a parent and allowed me to be more thoughtful and understanding with my children. It’s deepened my appreciation for myself and for the aspects of me I once considered problematic.

I did not come to this work or this teaching lightly. It is every bit as transformative as you could imagine. No more cookie cutter formulas. No more guess work. Just pure powerful insight designed just for you.

Now is the time you have waited for to rise out of the routine that has left you lost and confused and into the powerful and purposeful human you came here to be.

You were designed uniquely and wonderfully and that design holds the key to all you are capable of.

There is no need to play by the rules of others. No need to do what others do. You have your own secret sauce and unlocking that means having the life you actually want.

Engage in a career you love.

Navigate relationships with wisdom and grace.

Appreciate the void between old and new as you manifest.

Find peace in the unknowing.

After these sessions, here’s what I can guarantee you’ll walk away with…

  • An absolute knowing of how you were designed to interface with the quantum field to create deliberately.
  • the specific design keys that you were given to activate your manifestations.
  • clarity on what your life themes are and how you were designed to make decisions.
  • understanding of why your role in relationships is directly related to your ability to manifest.
  • Understanding why the way you ENGAGE emotionally affects your manifestation process.
  • The complete roadmap to manifestation through your human design bodygraph and how YOUR design interacts with this process by looking at each center and gate affected.

What You’ll Receive Upon Enrollment

  • A Private Course Space where you will be able to focus on one lesson at a time as each one drops, followed by the corresponding coaching call. Each month is called a “session”.
    • Session 1: Understanding Manifestation & Your Design
    • Session 2: The Manifestation Map & The Role of Mind & Emotion in creation
    • Session 3: The Role of Identity, Timing and Activation & The Formula For Efficient Manifesting
  • A private social medial app JUST for members of the Sovereign Sessions to connect ask questions, share reflections.

How About A Magical Bonus?

  • A sleep hypnosis track that you can use in the evenings to create the optimal subconscious experience to absorb what you’re learning and amplify it.

What Clients Are Saying About Their Experience…

“I can not thank Shakti enough for this reading of my human design. I have been struggling with my business for awhile now. Feeling like I was missing something and not feeling like I was doing it “right.” And after going through my human design I realized I WASNT! I was literally working against me. I have learned so much about how I was designed to work and what I need to do to thrive. It was also so refreshing to hear more about who I was designed to be and why I desire certain things and why I want/feel/etc certain things. I would recommend this for anyone! I know I will be recommending it to alot of my business partners! Thank you again girl! Love you sista!” – Lauren R.

Watch a testimonial video here with Lauren!

“It is always a pleasure working with Shakti!  Her reading of my human design was the most illuminating, comprehensive map I’ve seen, and it answered many of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions I’ve struggled with since I was young.  Why I think the way I do, what governs my actions and thoughts, repeating patterns and cycles.  She helped me understand what I need to thrive not only in my business but also in life.  Perhaps one of the most powerful takeaways from our session is the inexpressible relief from understanding who I am and realizing that there is nothing wrong with me.  I highly recommend this reading for anyone looking to better understand themselves and their unique role in the world!  Thanks again, Shakti!”  – Leslie L.

Shakti Rios presented me with my Human Design in the form of a chart, a written description of all the elements in a PDF, as well as, a zoom recording of the reading which was an hour long. Is this woman thorough, knowledgeable, insightful and intelligent, hell ya! Diving deep into my Human Design with Shakti presented information I consciously knew: that’ll be me. She also framed things in a way to help me understand my challenges while also giving me hope. A reading by Shakti is not just about information, it’s about using your HD as a tool to grow. Pointing out the unconscious elements affirmed my life experience. What this did was helped me love myself more deeply. Due to the layers of information means I’m constantly finding more truths and insights from this reading. This woman is a shining star of wisdom. Her reading will help you understand yourself better. It will enlighten you to your own strengths and challenges. An HD reading by Shakti will ground you in the true essence of who you are. 5 very bright shining stars for this service.”  Michele W.

“So I just had my first human design meeting and I cannot stop smiling I am beyond excited and happy to learn more. This meeting was mind blowing it validated so much in my life and my decisions. I feel like a brand new person and understand more WHO I AM and my purpose . I was in tears in the beginning at how accurate it was I couldn’t believe something like this existed. I thank you Shakti for giving me this opportunity to experience and learn something so life changing. If you are lost in life or need questions answered or confirmation about who you are you MUST have a session you will not regret. I want to scream to the world how incredible I feel finding out my truth.” Soleri M.

This is your time.

You Are Ready.

See you on the Inside.

xo Shakti