Sovereign Coaching

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For the Sovereign Being ready to ignite their life with purpose, meaning & clarity.

These 1 to 1 sessions are designed to deep dive into your unique soul story and help you magnify the most pressing issues and/or desires and then apply Universal principles and laws to help you align with your desired reality. A read out of your human design chart is included with every option.

UPDATE: For the time being all video interpretation of your chart will be pre-recorded and sent to you alongside the accompanying PDF with the exception of my 12 week support clients who will STILL have access to live coaching and real time coaching via voxer.

The 12 week container as an APPLY HERE button because as this is a more in depth work, I prefer to meet with you first for a 30 minute call to make SURE this coaching container is the right fit for you.

After booking your chart reading or tarot coaching please schedule your appt below.

Private Sessions

Human Design Chart Analysis

This session includes your human design chart breakdown with a live 90 minute session to go over the chart via video and a PDF to keep and read over.

Human Design is the insight into why we are different and how we came here to excel in the world. It is absolutely essential to finding our right purpose and place and has proven one of the most illuminating services I’ve ever shared with a client.

Can be done live or pre-recorded with email coaching added.


Tarot Advisory & Coaching

This is a 60 minute session designed to help you dive into current pressing life circumstances and use the clarity of the tarot to help with discernment and direction. As the name suggests, coaching is an inherent aspect of this session so not only will you receive tarot wisdom but you will also receive the support to work through what comes up.

Can be done live or pre-recorded with email coaching added.


12 Week Design Coaching Container

This option includes 12 weeks worth of video calls -three 90 minute calls (1 every 4th week) – these are reset calls where we assess the work we’ve done so far and plan for the next 3 weeks. The following calls are 60 minutes – 9 total. They are scheduled once a week in advance or can be scheduled out for the full 12 weeks. Along with these sessions you will also receive unlimited Voxer support for in between session assistance.

Note that as a gift for committing to your growth in this way I will be sending you several welcome gifts (worth $200) at the beginning of our journey that includes:

  • Your Human Design Mug
  • The Sovereign Notebook (from my shop) to use as a reflection pad during our sessions
  • Printed charts of your design (if desired)
  • An aromatherapy roller set of essential oils designed to support emotional healing & growth

$4227- in full

$1445 – 3 payments (monthly)

$ 361 – weekly payments (12)

After Booking, Schedule Your Session

Group Learning

The Sovereign Sessions – 12 Week Human Design Group Coaching [CLOSED]

This is a seasonal program that’s open only twice a year. Enrollment is CLOSED and will open up again in JULY 2022 . You can read about the program here and get on the waitlist on the same page. Enrollment is limited to 20 students.


“I can not thank Shakti enough for this reading of my human design. I have been struggling with my business for awhile now. Feeling like I was missing something and not feeling like I was doing it “right.” And after going through my human design I realized I WASNT! I was literally working against me. I have learned so much about how I was designed to work and what I need to do to thrive. It was also so refreshing to hear more about who I was designed to be and why I desire certain things and why I want/feel/etc certain things. I would recommend this for anyone! I know I will be recommending it to alot of my business partners! Thank you again girl! Love you sista!”Lauren R.

“It is always a pleasure working with Shakti!  Her reading of my human design was the most illuminating, comprehensive map I’ve seen, and it answered many of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions I’ve struggled with since I was young.  Why I think the way I do, what governs my actions and thoughts, repeating patterns and cycles.  She helped me understand what I need to thrive not only in my business but also in life.  Perhaps one of the most powerful takeaways from our session is the inexpressible relief from understanding who I am and realizing that there is nothing wrong with me.  I highly recommend this reading for anyone looking to better understand themselves and their unique role in the world!  Thanks again, Shakti!” Leslie L.

Shakti Rios presented me with my Human Design in the form of a chart, a written description of all the elements in a PDF, as well as, a zoom recording of the reading which was an hour long. Is this woman thorough, knowledgeable, insightful and intelligent, hell ya! Diving deep into my Human Design with Shakti presented information I consciously knew: that’ll be me. She also framed things in a way to help me understand my challenges while also giving me hope. A reading by Shakti is not just about information, it’s about using your HD as a tool to grow. Pointing out the unconscious elements affirmed my life experience. What this did was helped me love myself more deeply. Due to the layers of information means I’m constantly finding more truths and insights from this reading. This woman is a shining star of wisdom. Her reading will help you understand yourself better. It will enlighten you to your own strengths and challenges. An HD reading by Shakti will ground you in the true essence of who you are. 5 very bright shining stars for this service.”  Michele W.

“So I just had my first human design meeting and I cannot stop smiling I am beyond excited and happy to learn more. This meeting was mind blowing it validated so much in my life and my decisions. I feel like a brand new person and understand more WHO I AM and my purpose . I was in tears in the beginning at how accurate it was I couldn’t believe something like this existed. I thank you Shakti for giving me this opportunity to experience and learn something so life changing. If you are lost in life or need questions answered or confirmation about who you are you MUST have a session you will not regret. I want to scream to the world how incredible I feel finding out my truth.” Soleri M.

Upon registration you will receive an email from me with confirmation, link to schedule call, as well as client contract to be completed before our work together begins (if we are completing a 12 week container together).

For your charts you will be asked to produce your birth date and exact time. Time can be accessed by asking parents or by viewing birth certificates or county records. Please note without the exact times the charts cannot be procured. Please make sure to save this email address so as not to miss an email!

So looking forward to helping you expand your sovereignty.