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Shakti TV – the video experience

Shakti TV was created as the video collection of all the materials I regularly film. The playlists you will find on my channel include:

  • Recipes
  • Bootcamps being offered & what’s included
  • Metaphysical teaching moments
  • Fireside Friday Chats – the alternative news
  • Food Mindset
  • Fitness Mindset
  • Fitness Business
  • Product Reviews
A sampling of the materials you’ll find on the channel…
A video of me trying out this vegan chocolate mousse recipe that was actually INCREDIBLY good.
My latest Fireside Friday Chat video – PLEASE NOTE: This is not a show to listen to around children. Adult language.
Unboxing my FIRST Ellie box which is a fitness subscription service.
How the Dark Cabal is using inverted versions of divine symbols to manipulate energy on the planet.

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