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For the Sovereign Being ready to ignite their life with purpose, clarity and meaning.

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Foundational Human Design Analysis

In this foundational reading you will learn about your soul blueprint and you will finally understand who you came here to be as designed! This is the session where you get to meet your SELF so you can learn to start aligning with this highest expression of you. Here we get into the details of your chart and teasing out the specifics of gates, lines, planets, centers and what the whole image means as a composite.

In addition to covering everything the intro report covers, this is about a 30 page PDF with a 90 minute call alongside your PDF during which I will go over your chart with you for a mini coaching session. You will also receive audio transcription of the call if you choose.


Advanced Human Design Analysis

**Required to have received a foundational reading with me first.

In this analysis we answer the questions “How does my body digest (food & information) best? What environments are ideal for me? How does my mind conceptualize people and circumstances? How does my mind stay motivated?” We will also look at how your mind THINKS you are vs who you really are (your design). We will look at the nuances of your energy and whether you came here to be more individually driven, tribal or collective in your impact.

Like the foundational, you will have a 90 min call to go through these aspects of your chart, a PDF report to match and a recording of the audio.


Human Design Complete Bundle

This bundle combines a foundational report +the advanced report. You can purchase them separately or as a bundle, but the bundle is the best deal. As a stand alone service this will give you a 120 minute call where we go over all elements of the charts or we can separate the sessions to allow for integration.


[save $66]

Relationship Connection Analysis

In this analysis we are looking at the connection between two individuals – either romantic in nature or parent/child. You will receive an image of this connection map as well as a written report breaking down the markers in the chart and where the strengths and challenges are within the relationship. Alongside your report you will receive a 90 minute coaching call and a recording of the audio.

$333 {couples or 1 parent/1 child}

Business Alignment Audit

**Required to have received a foundational reading with me first.

Are you an entrepreneur looking to use design to optimize your business? Optimized alignment = greater fulfillment and more profit! Includes a 90 minute call and a recording of audio.


If you choose not to invest in a foundational reading first, this same audit will occur into sessions (each 60 min).



“I can not thank Shakti enough for this reading of my human design. I have been struggling with my business for awhile now. Feeling like I was missing something and not feeling like I was doing it “right.” And after going through my human design I realized I WASNT! I was literally working against me. I have learned so much about how I was designed to work and what I need to do to thrive. It was also so refreshing to hear more about who I was designed to be and why I desire certain things and why I want/feel/etc certain things. I would recommend this for anyone! I know I will be recommending it to alot of my business partners! Thank you again girl! Love you sista!”Lauren R.

“It is always a pleasure working with Shakti!  Her reading of my human design was the most illuminating, comprehensive map I’ve seen, and it answered many of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions I’ve struggled with since I was young.  Why I think the way I do, what governs my actions and thoughts, repeating patterns and cycles.  She helped me understand what I need to thrive not only in my business but also in life.  Perhaps one of the most powerful takeaways from our session is the inexpressible relief from understanding who I am and realizing that there is nothing wrong with me.  I highly recommend this reading for anyone looking to better understand themselves and their unique role in the world!  Thanks again, Shakti!” Leslie L.

Shakti Rios presented me with my Human Design in the form of a chart, a written description of all the elements in a PDF, as well as, a zoom recording of the reading which was an hour long. Is this woman thorough, knowledgeable, insightful and intelligent, hell ya! Diving deep into my Human Design with Shakti presented information I consciously knew: that’ll be me. She also framed things in a way to help me understand my challenges while also giving me hope. A reading by Shakti is not just about information, it’s about using your HD as a tool to grow. Pointing out the unconscious elements affirmed my life experience. What this did was helped me love myself more deeply. Due to the layers of information means I’m constantly finding more truths and insights from this reading. This woman is a shining star of wisdom. Her reading will help you understand yourself better. It will enlighten you to your own strengths and challenges. An HD reading by Shakti will ground you in the true essence of who you are. 5 very bright shining stars for this service.”  Michele W.

“So I just had my first human design meeting and I cannot stop smiling I am beyond excited and happy to learn more. This meeting was mind blowing it validated so much in my life and my decisions. I feel like a brand new person and understand more WHO I AM and my purpose . I was in tears in the beginning at how accurate it was I couldn’t believe something like this existed. I thank you Shakti for giving me this opportunity to experience and learn something so life changing. If you are lost in life or need questions answered or confirmation about who you are you MUST have a session you will not regret. I want to scream to the world how incredible I feel finding out my truth.” Soleri M.

Upon registration you will receive an email from me with confirmation, link to schedule call, as well as client contract to be completed before our work together begins (if we are completing a 12 week container together).

For your charts you will be asked to produce your birth date and exact time. Time can be accessed by asking parents or by viewing birth certificates or county records. Please note without the exact times the charts cannot be procured. Please make sure to save this email address so as not to miss an email!

So looking forward to helping you expand your sovereignty.