Metaphysical Work


There are many resources online that promote offering intuitive sessions and also support for spiritual development.

Many of those resources are from sound and gifted intuitives who thoroughly enjoy their work as a channel. Likewise, there are people who, unfortunately, are far more interested in receiving your money then they are in retrieving guidance for you. For this reason there is much skepticism around readings and all things metaphysical in nature.

I work with many people of different paths and beliefs. Never do I intend to change the way you feel about intuitive work or your perceptions. My work is solely to help you receive clarity and guidance in a way that will serve you in redirecting and getting closer to your alignment. That being said, this is not about parlor tricks or gimmicks. I receive all who come to me with an open heart and mind ready to look deeply within and touch base with their truth.

For individual sessions, they do vary because YOU vary. Some people come and receive their message very quickly and we are done in about half an hour. Others may a take a bit more time to fully process the message and sessions will last about an hour. As a coach, I don’t just focus on offering you the reading, but on helping you process the reading so you can distill from it what you need to take effective action in your life.

If you are looking for more of a community space where you can do this alignment work with others, join our Alignment Academy!

If you were called here, I am thrilled for you. I know you will receive exactly what you are needing.


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In this mini session you will receive 3 cards, sometimes more depending, interpreted via written format as a PDF to your inbox. I will describe each card and its particular significance to you in that moment as well as give you an overview of your reading and some key points to focus on. The PDF will include an image of the cards selected for you.

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