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This patreon was created in an effort to share material considered “alternative news” that you may not be receiving during this challenging time in the world and in the US, especially. This project began with a video series called The Fireside Chats on my youtube channel, ShaktiTV. You can now catch them all (beginning in March 2020) under my playlist Fireside Friday.

As of SEPTEMBER 2020 Fireside Friday will NO LONGER be a public show – instead I am uploaded the slide show to my patreon for patrons to go through it with my own notes for direction.

As soon as the pandemic struck I KNEW something big was happening. MUCH bigger than what we were being told.

I made it my imperative to become an independent journalist and start digging for material that made sense to me. Lo and behold it wasn’t long until I started coming into contact with ominous material that ripped a lot of my doubts away and showed me that what I imagined was happening was actually occurring.

Sharing this material became dangerous on social platforms and so the patreon was born. Since then, it has evolved to include a lot of my metaphysical work as well and eventually a podcast JUST for patrons.

There are four different tiers making it VERY accessible to anyone who wishes to support this work as well as all the work that goes into the Youtube Channel and content creation in general.

A HUGE thank you to all my current patrons who are the lifeblood of this work and make it possible for me to spend hours searching for relevant content.

Below are some of the exclusive features of the Patreon community:

There are NO LONGER tiers to the Patreon community. You are welcome to pledge ANY amount you would like, a suggested $5 is recommended when you access the patron portal, but that can be changed to any amount from $1 UP.

Access to the Patreon also gives you EARLY ACCESS to the podcast episodes right when they drop, the Fireside Friday slide and show, and EARLY ACCESS to New moon and Full Moon energy reports with the ability to ask questions and get coaching as well!

I also run exclusive flash promo deals for patron members like intuitive readings which I NO LONGER offer the public.

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