Soul Purpose: What it is, What it’s NOT, and How to Lean into its Exploration

The conversation about Soul Purpose can get confusing and fast.

Ironically, it’s pretty far from what I think most people imagine it to be.

It has very little to do with what practical thing any person ends up doing in their life for work and far more to do with the QUALITY of their life that they wish to amplify.

It’s a sacred experience of expression that is unique to each individual and leads to DEEP soul satisfaction.

Tune into to learn about this concept perhaps from a brand new perspective.

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AMP – Episode 22

When Getting What You Want Feels Like Shit: The unexpected truth behind manifesting your desires

We all truly believe that when we receive what we’ve been dreaming of it will feel like riding a Unicorn across a rainbow and being showered in gold coins and glitter. (If you’re into that….you know…. *shifty eyes*)

The truth is quite often FAR from that.

Here’s what MOST often happens once we finally get what we want.

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AMP Ep. 21

Self Image Is Key To Alignment: How Your Image of Self Is Affecting Your Experience of Law of Attraction

Many students come to me frustrated with their understanding of LOA (law of attraction).

Many have been practicing refining their understanding for YEARS and have yet to see the full effect of that work.

They know that it could be so precise and powerful but there is something “missing”.

My belief is that Self Image is the missing link.

How we see ourselves is directly related to whether or not we will experience the reality we wish to create.

Join me as unpack this in this episode.

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AMP Ep. 20

Compassion Is The Right Answer: How To Navigate Divisive Times In Our Society Without Losing Our Souls

If you’ve been paying ANY attention to the news and what is happening in several states in the US, then you are well aware that the HEAT is on right now and there is ANGER and BETRAYAL everywhere. 

Both sides of this discussion are red-hot and quick to jump at each others throats to defend their beliefs and perspectives. 

Here is the Truth you need to know right now – THAT energy is MORE of what we don’t want. Cutting each other down to size is the the LOWEST frequency action we can possibly take at this moment.

It is NOT God’s work, it is DARKNESS in full effect. In this episode I give a STRONG call to action to all my light workers in the world – it is our responsibility to uphold light now and ALWAYS. No excuses. 

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AMP Ep 19

The Obstacle Is The Way: How to Stop Resisting and Start Learning

The phrase The Obstacle Is the Way has become one of the single most significant phrases I’ve ever been exposed to.

All the times I’ve chosen to see the obstacles in my life as the path instead of IN my path have dramatically improved the quality of my life.

In this episode I share two real life examples of how this occurred for me and how you can begin to see YOUR obstacles in the same way.

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AMP ep. 18

Letting Go of Good for Great: Why Your Brain Is Terrified And How You Can Overcome It.

The brain is VERY wired for survival. That primitive part of your brain that is CRAZY strong will forever push you in the direction of what it considers to be “safe”, even when that safe choice is literally destroying you.

This WILL prevent us from losing weight, having healthy relationships, quitting jobs we no longer align with, moving, starting that business etc.

In this episode I tell you WHY the fear of letting go is so real and how you can combat it. 

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AMP ep. 17

Creating An Aligned Experience of Body & Healing Food Issues

The one small component of healing that can easily be overlooked.

In my work as a fitness and nutrition coach, I have the honor of working with a very specific population of women that deeply want to heal their relationship to body and food.

In this episode I share with you ONE component of healing this that has radically moved my progress forward and that I believe is important in creating long lasting results.

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AM Ep. 16

The Universal Easter Egg Hunt: How the Universe is constantly trying to bring you what you want

As we pass Easter weekend where the primary game for children becomes “find the hidden eggs and receive the prize inside” it’s not lost on me how similar this is to how the Universe directs our moves when we are wanting to bring a new reality in our lives.

In this episode I talk about two specific incidences where this worked like so for me and how you can prevent yourself from missing the “hints”.

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AMP Ep. 15

Creativity Is The Bridge To God Consciousness

During a call with one of my private coaching clients as she expressed this feeling of being “stalled” in her business, I noticed that what really seemed to be missing from her life in general was time for creative play.

What followed was a deep transmission as I understood that creative play is direct dialogue with the divine and is sort of the secret sauce to our professional experience of success.

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AM Ep.14

The Universal Law of VOID

Most of us DREAM of having more, doing more, and being more but FEW of us dare to deliberately create the space in our lives for this experience.

We don’t realize that the Universe cannot fill a void that does not exist.

When we deliberately create SPACE for the new, we allow ourselves to receive from the Universe. In this episode I discuss exactly how we are doing this in EVERY are of our life.

AM Ep. 13