Why Open Time Is The Most Undervalued Asset In Your Life & Business

One of the greatest deterrents to success is our inability to risk investing in our time.

We ONLY want to give ourselves time for the things we KNOW will pay out in some specific way that we can measure. 

Especially as parents, we will not pay for childcare unless we absolutely HAVE TO because paying for childcare just to have open time is a “waste” in our eyes.

This is an awful mistake.

Open time is ESSENTIAL for a happy and well adjusted life, in this episode I discuss exactly why.

TAUP Ep. 11

Birth Is An Ongoing Process

Many of us see birth as a single experience that we have the moment we come earth side.

The reality is that birth is an ongoing process.

It’s something we GET to do OFTEN because we are alive and in effect this is the contract that we made when we decided to show up here.

It’s as messy and gruesome as physical birth can be, and it is also as powerful and life changing.

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TAUP Episode 10

The Greatest Money Block You Never Knew You Had

Most people would absolutely say YES! when asked if they would like to make or receive more money.

(There may be some few rare cases where that is NOT the case, but roll with me here!)

We, as students of law of attraction and manifestation, spend so much TIME and ENERGY put into the study of “how to attract more money”.

AND YET the shame around promoting services/products and selling has become so THICK many of us are drowning in our lack mentality/realities.

I totally unpack this in episode 5.

Let’s take a look at how money/earning became correlated with “dirty” or “sleazy”. And how is it possible that so many of us continue to buy into this belief at our own expense?

So many of my students are deeply desiring to improve their financial circumstance AND they are caught between their desire and their template.

A template is a term I use to describe a mental structure we put into place at VERY young ages that inform us about how the world works. It is often adopted from parents and guardians and continues to inform our decisions into the future often hurting or limiting us.

In order for your situation to improve you MUST get entirely on board – this means BRAIN + SPIRIT moving in the SAME direction.

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AMP EP.5 Season 1

Non-Resistance – What My Miscarriage Taught Me

January we experienced a miscarriage.

Life is an endless cycle of circumstances.

No one is prepared for everything that will arrive at their doorstep.

We were so excited about a second pregnancy and then it abruptly ended.

During this time I received such a VALUABLE reminder – resistance = suffering. Non resistance brings peace.

I know it sounds borderline horrible to say that my miscarriage brought me peace, but sometimes I think things don’t turn out the way we want them to for a WAY more valuable reason than we can imagine.

Join me in today’s episode to hear about this in my own experience and how to apply it any of yours.

Also, this will be the topic of our MARCH inside TAU – Alignment Mastery Program . Enroll now to join us for then.

AMP EP. 4 Season 1

The MAIN element of effective alignment

In episode 2 of the podcast, I shared 6 steps to manifestation.

All six steps matter and play a role in how we do this thing called life.

There is ONE particular step that dictates consistent alignment.

This step sets the tone for our reality and most of the time WE HAVE NO IDEA. So tune in and learn what could be the culprit to your hang up and how to turn that around and start calling in all kinds of POWERFUL manifestations.

AMP EP. 3 Season 1

Miscreation: When You Manifest What You Do Not Want

The law of creation is active ALWAYS.

We create AND we miscreate.

In this episode I speak about miscreation as “missing the mark” with our deliberate creation. When we create realities in our life that we do NOT want.

I also speak about the fear of feelings and how important it is to FEEL your feelings AND how to avoid it becoming the grounds for miscreation.

It is so important to really get to know your feelings and to honor them FULLY. With doing this you unbox the emotion, take the charge away, and THEN get to choose what to create NEXT consciously.

Miscreation is really feedback.

It’s feedback for where your template/frequency is currently engaging and it gives you the ability to CHOOSE change. It is not a bad thing. When you have this awareness – everything changes.

This is so much of the work we do in TAU. By helping you GROW your awareness you have the ability to take control of your reality. Let’s dive in.

TAUP Episode 9 – Miscreation

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Shakti <3

The 6 Steps to Manifestation

Manifestation is the name of the GAME.

But did you know that you’re doing it all the time whether you are conscious of it or not?

Well, yes you are.

Manifesting is not something we do only because we believe in a concept like Law of Attraction. It is something we are doing constantly. As we exist in the world and emanate frequencies, certain frequencies meet us right back.

This is the ENTIRE process of manifestation.

We create a field of energy, the energy responds.

In this episode I’m breaking down exactly how it is we manifest in hopes that you  – dear listener – will take these steps and start using them CONSCIOUSLY for the things you do desire.

For deeper study of this concept feel free to visit TAU and join us.

AMP ep.2

What Is Alignment +Welcome!

I’ve LONG since desired to create and publish a podcast that embodied all I know and LOVE about deliberate creation.

I really enjoy blogging, but there is something special about hearing someone’s voice and really getting to jive with the tonalities of the message that really speaks to me personally.

Maybe it’s my love of mantras and chants – who knows!

As I’m transitioning this podcast to exist EXCLUSIVELY on this site, check out all the amazing episodes.

In this one I speak DIRECTLY about my definition of alignment as it pertains to our spiritual journey and how I am going to be addressing it in future episodes. I also give a brief history of where I have collected all of this wisdom from and why I feel it is part of my lifes work to bring to all of you.

As the caption reads – PLEASE NOTE: When I started this project it was called The Alignment Academy. Due to the fact that another project already exists out there in the world with this title, I chose to change it to TAU.

To learn more TAU – Alignment Mastery Program visit the page!

AMP Ep. 1

Why “IT” (the Manifestation) Hasn’t Happened Yet.

A huge part of the work I do is helping business partners inside my fitness business team develop and grow their businesses.

Some of the fitness coaches are newer and we are working on establishing a base for businesses and basic understanding of technical know-hows.

Some of the coaches have been within the team for a while and they are wanting to expand to the next level of leadership in their businesses and see growth in their income and impact.

No matter what phase these coaches are in, the number ONE thing that will keep any of them from achieving any level of success in their business is the SAME.

It does not matter if you’re currently earning 6 figures and you want to get to 7. Or if you have NEVER had a business and you are starting from ground zero. What will hold you back is THE SAME CONCEPT.

At this point most people would offer up reasons like:

  • Poor judgement
  • Not knowing enough
  • Bad luck
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough time
  • Burned out
  • Overwhelmed

And they would only be 1/4 correct. Because ALL of those things are side effects of the ONE thing.

The number ONE thing that will keep anyone from going to where they want to go next is the story they tell themselves about it.

Whatever thoughts they have chosen to have about what they want, that are incoherent with their desire for the thing they want, will be the reason they do NOT advance.

For example, someone decides they will join our team as a business partner.

They have a passion for fitness and nutrition and they really want to help people.

AND they simultaneously believe that all multi-level marketing companies are a scam, or they are too time consuming, or all their friends will judge them.

BOOM – incoherent desires/beliefs = failure.

Another example, someone decides they want to earn 6 figures in their business and they want to go ALL IN.

AND, they simultaneously resent the government taking taxes and thereby prevent themselves from earning MORE because they know deep down they will end up paying more.

These are two prominent examples of how our stories directly conflict with our desires.

There are so many more, for example:

>> We say we want to have a great impact in the world and then simultaneously obsess over our privacy and not being publicly known.

>> We say we want to get ripped and super fit and simultaneously believe that if we feel/look more attractive we will get negative attention. The list is truly endless.

Whatever it is that YOU desire, in order to attain it, you must make sure all points of focus are headed in the SAME direction. It is essential that we become the kind of person that is a CONTAINER for the desired experience.

Becoming the container means re-writing the template that you created for your reality early on that has become incoherent with your new desires.

In my most recent podcast episode, I discuss this phenomenon under the title “Why The Manifestation Hasn’t Happened Yet.

Know that you are one template re-write away from a powerful new experience of life and that I am cheering you on THE WHOLE WAY.

Enrollment for MARCH inside the alignment mastery program is closing this week and there are THREE seats left. Cannot wait to help you live your versions of REAL magic.

AMP ep. 6



The PODCAST is here! Welcome To The Alignment University Podcast.

The Podcast is FINALLY HERE.

I am beyond thrilled to have this stage of my work completed and available to all of you. It has been a LONG TIME dream to create a consumable product that could follow you wherever you are without necessarily slowing you down so you’d have to scroll and read if you did not have time.

I, personally, love Podcasts because they are SO easy to switch on when youre out and about during errands, or chores, or taking a walk. You just press play and magical information just pours into you! What delight. For a TRUE Ravenclaw like myself, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Many of you know that in January I launched a group coaching project called The Alignment University. This project is a metaphysical group coaching experience that combines my experience as a coach with channeling to bring students an optimized experience of growth. I also wanted to create something that wider audiences could have access to that sort of covered a similar terrain as the University and would be free to all. This is when the podcast was born!

In the podcast I will be teaching ALL about my experience, wisdom, learning, and beliefs regarding alignment, law of attraction, and manifestation. My goal is to help you make contact with these concepts in a way that CLICKS and allows you to use the law effectively to deliberately create a beautiful life. It will not be as in depth as what students inside the University receive, but it will help GREATLY in expanding that conversation to large audiences.

Episodes will be released weekly and YES I am taking requests for content. So if you DO have personal questions on this that you’d like for me to cover email me at Shakti@Shaktirios.com with the subject line “PODCAST TOPIC” and I will be delighted to maybe create an episode entirely dedicated to Q&A!

Here is the OFFICIAL announcement on my FB page with a little message from yours truly.

Below is the direct link to the podcast hosting site and of course if you LOVE what you hear, leave me a review, share it with your community, and let us get this conversation flowing in even larger spaces for the benefit of our collective ascension.

To Listen To Podcast

Here is the website to the podcast itself, you can also find it on ANY major podcasting sites including Itunes, Spotify, Podcast Addict etc. Happy listening family!