[CLIENT STORY] How a UTI unlocked an entire Soul Family’s Karmic Struggle

This episode is WHOA.

Are you ready?

Every 10 episodes or so I’m going to start sharing these client stories. They are so EPIC. It’s important for me that you know what is possible for you EXACTLY.

The level of depth that happened in this session is totally wild and also totally common. This is what happens when you experience true Emotional Freedom.

This client came in shaken up about a UTI and the lack of support she was experiencing in her medical providers. She was speaking quickly, she was flushed, she was totally out of her body.

By the end of the session we uncovered WAY MORE than just her frustration with her medical providers.

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AMP Ep. 39

The No-Effort Alignment Hack

This week’s episode is an alignment hack tip!

It took me FOUR TIMES to get this recorded for you all. Just saying.

Originally my topic was quite different, but then I employed this VERY same hack to my own life and thought to myself, this is SUPER useful. I bet others would like to know how effective this could be to reset their point of attraction.

Meditation is the ultimate alignment hack – but sometimes the resistance to meditation is high, let’s just be honest. We KNOW it’s good for us, but we resist it especially when it’s NEW.

So here is a quick and effective ASF technique to help you achieve a similar re-alignment all while using something you are already VERY familiar with!

PS. Some MAJOR announcements were made in this episode. Hang til the end for the reveal of a very new and very exciting new opportunity for YOU. ❤

AMP Ep. 38

Frustration as the barometer for Alignment

In my work as a self-image coach, I run into the emotion of frustration perhaps more than most. It is the initial emotion my clients can identify when we first begin working together.

They are frustrated because “no weightloss programs work” or because no matter what they seem to do “they never have enough money” or they can “never find the soulmate” or they “can’t seem to stop getting sick”, etc. Frustration is what leads them to wanting change and often what gets them on a call with me.

It’s also the emotion that leads them to all their problem behavior: overeating, overspending, impulse moves, divorce etc.

Here’s what I’ve learned about frustration that is actually magical – it’s trying to show you where you are out of alignment. IT WANTS TO HELP. But most of us are so quick to shut it down with some numbing activity or with affirmations that we miss the opportunity to REALLY learn.

In this episode I give you a radical invitation to invite frustration into your life and let it sit with you and tell you EVERYTHING it has to share.

Here’s what I’ve learned since adopting this practice: a lot of the things it says are just pure vent, but SOME of the things you’ll hear are VERY valuable.

They directly communicate where it’s time to change things in your life. 

AMP ep. 37

Traveling Dimensions & Frequencies

In today’s episode I dive into the topic of dimensions and frequencies and HOW we experience them and why it is that you can have individuals living in the same material experience of reality having completely different energetic experiences of reality.

This has always been such a fascinating topic to me and I’m excited to unpack it with you.

This will help you understand what it means to create a life that feels empowered and aligned vs full of drama.

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AMP Ep. 36

I love you AND…a conversation about healthy boundaries in relationship

This episode is coming STRAIGHT from the heart y’all.

I have some truths to tell and they are RAW and real for me right now.

Navigating my own healing journey with my Dad, who unexpectedly arrived in my home two days ago, and has really reminded me of the value of working on being a HEALED person, has been invaluable.

In this episode I talk about why boundaries are a definite part of the conversation about love and why they are in fact a form of loving.

AMP ep. 35

The Rage Monster – When Anxiety Has Had Enough

The Rage Monster is a very real character in most people’s lives.

It’s that character that emerges the moment when your kid does that ONE thing and then you just lose- your- mind.

You go way over the top with the yelling, or punishing, and you KNOW it was too much.

And then the guilt comes over you and you weep because you feel like the CRAPPIEST person in the world for how you behaved.

It’s more common than you think and no it’s not that you’re a bad person. This is your anxiety and it’s had enough.

AMP ep. 34

Anxiety & Depression Are Secondary Emotions And It’s Important That You Know That

Anxiety and Depression are so common as a diagnosis these days that they’ve existed a condition in and of themselves unquestioned for DECADES.

For too long they’ve been considered a primary experience. I’m here to really challenge that notion and I hope you’ll hear this out and really DIG into this belief yourself.

Anxiety and Depression are NOT primary emotions. 

They are secondary emotions and they help us LIVE.

They are not the problem – they are masking the problem.

In this episode I divine into this understanding and offer you tools for addressing these conditions at the root.

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AMP Ep. 33

EFT & Manifestation: How Tapping Facilitates The Law of Attraction

So you’ve heard about EFT, you’ve maybe seen the video on my site, you are like – alright, so this can help me get RID OF a whole bunch of stuff! That’s AWESOME.

Yes. Yes it can. A N D… it can also help you CREATE a bunch of stuff.

Wait…what?! Slow your roll – Shakti! What are you TALKING about?

Here’s the very simple truth friends – more often than not – you aren’t creating what you desire because you LACK desire, it’s because you HAVE resistance.

Resistance/emotional blockages/self sabotage etc will prevent you from having what you want – every – single – time. You can count on it and I’d be willing to bed – you already have.

The really beautiful thing about EFT is that it is BRILLIANT at removing blockages, right? It gets RID of stuff, right? So it absolutely RIDS YOU of self sabotage and roadblocks. It can activate your CHOICE and set you up to see opportunity and take it.

It is SUCH a remarkable facilitator for LOA. Truly impressive.

In today’s episode I dive into exactly this and explain why YOU should be crazy excited right about now!

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AMP Ep. 32

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): What It Is & How it works

In this episode I talk about a technique that is part of the umbrella of Energy Psychology that has been blowing – my – mind lately with it’s efficacy in re-writing subconscious programming.

Yes – Energy Psychology is a REAL thing. Yes, it’s also very little known by the general public BUT it is frequently used by mental health practitioners.

Perhaps the MOST commonly known forms of Energy Psychology are – Meditation, Hypnosis, Sleep hypnosis and EMDR. EMDR is very recently gaining traction for helping people with PTSD and various trauma related issues.

What all energy psychology formats have in common is that they facilitate the re-write of the subconscious programming in REAL TIME. We no longer just sit around and talk about our issues and try and think positive thoughts- we are going IN and re-wiring those suckers!

Needless to say – this whole camp is my speed. And I’ve been using almost ALL of them in my own life with TREMENDOUS success. So when I leaned into EFT which is based IN the body/mind connection it was not long before I fell in love pretty hard.

I’ve used it on phobias, cravings, emotional issues and even physical pain!

So far my results are truly astounding and I am THRILLED to introduce this to my community and to offer them an opportunity to do this work with me! SURPRISE Yes I’m getting certified! ((Woot!)) Stay tuned!

AMP Ep. 31

The Downward Spiral: How it happens & How to Stop It

We are all very familiar with the experience of spiraling downward.

Whether you’re talking about weightloss, or finances, or relationships – one moment you’re at this well known base line of existence and the next you’re DEEP in your own drama poop pile.


I’ve got that answer for you today.

It’s not mysterious. It’s actually very simple.

Stop yourself from dropping down the shame drain and let’s clear up your space! You have absolute control over whether you travel that spiral or not, so let’s unpack that so you can make a new choice next time!

Currently enrolling for our online fitness community, so come on over to learn about the Workout Warriors and how this could be your new fit home. ❤

AMP Ep. 30