My Fitness Story – Not Letting Your Medical Conditions Scare You Away From An Amazing Life

I’ve lived with a series of medical conditions from the moment I was born. Opening my eyes to this world meant taking on automatic limitations that would’ve been insanely easy to accept as the “way it is”. I was ingrained with messages very early on that I would NOT be able to do certain things that other “normal” kids and adults could do, i.e. have natural child birth.

Many years later, I’ve played on a soccer team, gotten all the tattoos and piercings I’ve wanted, had a baby vaginally, unmedicated and unassisted and continue to train daily with moderate weight and interval training. I’m in the best shape of my entire life, I have a beautiful healthy baby boy that I had naturally the way I dreamed of, and every day I get more and more curious about pushing outside of my comfort zone.

In this video, I address the importance of taking care of yourself, but also of NOT living in the shadow of a diagnosis. Not living in fear of your body. YOU are the expert on your body. You live daily within it and you have this very intimate relationship to it that no medical study can override.

It is so important to listen to your own body and to challenge yourself to overcome your perceived limitations. To tell yourself that you can live a high quality life, no matter what your condition might be. Mindset is EVERYTHING.

I’m grateful I never limited my life, that I always went above and beyond, and that I constantly shocked everyone with my choices and successes. I’ve lived a beautiful and full life and if it all went down hill tomorrow, I’d regret nothing. <3



3 Questions To Ask Before Starting Your Business

The internet is FANTASTIC. It has literally opened an insane amount of doors for people with entrepreneur dreams that would have never been able to fulfill them otherwise because of the extraordinary upfront cost that a brick and mortar start-up would entail. Because of this we have a SLEW of MLM type of businesses popping up seemingly every day, everyone trying to make their “life of freedom” happen.

Essentially, the majority of these types of entrepreneurs are wanting to spend the rest of their days poolside while other people make them money. I say this with great confidence because I myself work with an MLM and I see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. I see people come into my own business or other businesses and instead of running it like a BUSINESS that requires WORK, ATTENTION, and DEDICATION they get frustrated when they don’t make six figures in two weeks and decide its “not for them” or “all MLMS suck”.

No. MLMs don’t suck. They are freaking amazing tools. I LOVE my company and every day I get to work with them is a God-send. YOU suck, my friend. It is YOU.

Before you decide to start your own business there are KEY questions that you should be asking yourself. The very first and ONLY question that you should consider before you even START is “Do I have the kind of commitment it takes to start and STICK WITH a business?” If the answer is No. Then quit while you’re ahead.

NO business is easy. NO business will hand you a check for $100,000 right out of the gate. MLM or not – NO business will do that. So STOP assuming that you are going to “hit it big” anytime soon, or that an MLM is the platform for you to do that. It’s not.

Your success at ANY business depends on the following 3 questions that I address extensively in the featured video. When you’ve answered those three questions honestly, then and ONLY then will you know if that particular business is for YOU and if you will reap the kind of success everyone dreams of.

If you are currently starting your own MLM or small business, heed this video with GREAT attention. Owning my own business is something I deeply LOVE. It challenges me daily and pushes me to grow as a person and as a leader. But, that being said, it is NOT for everyone. If you are unwilling to take punches, before you “make it”, then KNOW that about you.

There is nothing wrong with that. And, indeed it takes MUCH self awareness to know the kind of sacrifice and commitment you are and are NOT willing to make. If you DO have a desire to start your own business and you have a particular interest in helping others with health and fitness, email me at and we’ll get you started. <3

Sincerely, Shakti




The Radical Positivity Movement: A Movement Worth Joining

Every Monday – Friday, I sit down early in the morning and pour myself some coffee and hop on LIVE on my LIKE page on Facebook (Wellness Mama Shakti – Like Page – be sure to LIKE the page so that you’ll be notified when I hop on!) and talk about a subject that has either been requested of me, or that has been on my heart and mind for a while.

This past Wednesday I hopped on and talked about starting a movement that I urged all of my followers to join me in, so of course, I’m invited YOU too.

This movement requires ONLY that you decide TODAY that you are ready to give up a life of complaint, misery, gossip and hardship and start living a life that celebrates, uplifts, and inspires. That’s it.

In this video, I share a bit about my story as an activist and how this entire movement started from a seemingly small coaching vision. As always, I hope that it inspires you to made a change and start a new story of your life.


Be good to YOU and be good to each other.

Sincerely, Shakti <3




Perfectionism is Keeping You From Everything You Want


Perfectionism has been my center vice for as long as I can remember. I have clung to the false belief that perfectionism actually made me BETTER than most people because WHEN I did FINALLY decide to do anything, it would be PERFECT – unlike all those other petty people who are out there doing things, that CLEARLY aren’t perfect.

Here’s the thing. I wasn’t doing shit with my life. At all. I was sitting on my high chair of perfectionism judging other people and their less than perfect efforts completely missing the point – THEY WERE ACTUALLY DOING SOMETHING. It’s taken me years to realize that the people who do something, ANYTHING, are the only ones that win.

“You Don’t Have to Be Great to Start. But You Have To Start To Be Great.”

-Zig Ziglar


Starting is HOW you get good at anything. Practice is the only way we actually learn how to perfect anything. Without the practice, we mean NOTHING. Without putting ourselves out there, we are serving NOONE. You deciding that you won’t do something until it’s “perfect” is SELFISH.

Be honest. Admit that you’re afraid. That’s okay! We all were at some point. But, just because you’re afraid, doesn’t mean you cannot start somewhere. In today’s video I address the false belief of perfectionism as a virtue and I help you understand how to break through that.






Encouragement: The Secret Sauce to a Sexy Marriage!

It’s pretty nuts to me how quickly we go from, “I adore you and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you” to, “You are a selfish asshole and you never listen to me!” Ahh. Relationships. 

Aren’t they just, magical?

It’s too true though. We begin with this overwhelming amount of love and appreciation for this other being who has stepped into our lives and dramatically improved the quality of our life, and we quickly derail into making them the center object of every fault in our lives. Quite frankly, it’s mind blowing how often and how rapidly this is the standard path most relationships take.

So, what happens? How do we go from fairy tale love to downright loathing? 

It’s really simple, actually.

When we first fall in love, most likely, you fall in love with someone who is very much THEM. Maybe they love to play piano and you heard them for the first time and were blown away. Maybe you saw them build something with their own hands and you marveled at their dexterity. Maybe you observed them in a social engagement and you were swept away by their charm and charisma.

Whatever it was, something about them being them captivated you totally. It drew you in and had you going straight for the feels in no time. So then you decide, I LOVE this person! I want them to be my person. So you start dating.

At first everything is rosy. You are you and they are them and it’s all love and sexy time and good feelings. Then something begins to happen that is often completely overlooked by both parties – you both stop doing what you love and what makes you who you ARE for the sake of spending more time together. Read that over again and let it sink in.

I would be willing to bet all of you $100 dollars you can almost pinpoint when that moment was in all of your relationships. 

We falsely assume that by NOT doing what we love as individuals and instead investing that time in this other person, it will maintain a happy and healthy relationship. Yeah, not so much. 

Instead, what ends up happening is the two of you lose touch with who you are at your core, separating you from your personal happiness, thus making you dependent on this other person to create happiness in YOU and when that doesn’t happen – ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE.

You guys, hear me on this – you can ONLY be as happy together, as you are separately. Snuff your individual joys and you will undoubtedly snuff your relationship right along with them.

In this video, I talk about my own marriage and how I’ve found that encouraging each other to take care of ourselves in the ways that feed us most, has been invaluable to maintaining a fulfilling marriage.

May you all find the love in your hearts to continuously build each other up and encourage each other to keep your internal flames alive!


Honor The Hustle: A Hero Story

It is really insanely easy to feel comfortable celebrating the glory of achieving. We as a society have become OBSESSSED with achieving and as a result, we’ve created a culture of people scrambling to look for a quick fix – from cosmetic surgery to winning the lottery – and NO ONE is willing to WORK for what they want.

The term “overnight success” really makes me want to barf a little. Guys…really…hear me on this. There is NO such thing as an overnight success. That person who ‘suddenly’ became wildly successful in the pursuit of something they created or launched had been working their ASS off for YEARS until it *finally* took off. 

Their overnight success was YEARS in the  making. Years of sacrificing sleep, parties, friendships, trips, time with family, luxuries. Years of feeling like they were failing. Years of people mocking them and questioning why they were even trying. Years of tears and hundreds of hours of thankless effort. YEARS. Did I make that clear? Good.

As a result of this “quick fix” mindset, we have no idea how to honor the struggle. We have no idea how to honor the hustle. We DREAD having to hustle. We detest our stories and our problems and we constantly dissect the SHIT out of ourselves. Needless to say, this is beyond unhelpful. What we need is a total mindset shift.  

In this video I talk about my own story with body image and how it has quite literally been years of my life learning how to find peace, learning how to appreciate my hustle, learning how to understand that if I don’t struggle, I cannot grow. May you find strength in your struggle and the courage to create your own hero story.

Sincerely, Shakti


Get Your Mind and Your Life RIGHT: Organization for the WIN!

In every sense of the phrase, I am a CONSTANT work in progress. After spending a carb-filled week with my family in South Florida, getting horribly sick with something I can only assume is first cousin to the Bubonic Plague, and falling off track with ALL the goals I had set for myself while I traveled, I returned home with a bloated gut, horrible sinus congestion and a wounded ego.

For fourth months I had worked diligently to establish some sort of routine that incorporated my son, my home, and my business and in what seemed like seconds, it all went up in flames. At the time, I was livid. 

My son got sick first in the airport which meant two long nights thereafter of very little sleep and a lot of crying. Right after that I got awfully sick for the duration of our trip which meant zero working out, or breathing, or seeing since my eyes were nearly swollen shut. The anger was real. I felt defeated and ashamed and because I had not hit any business goals I had originally planned for I felt like an EPIC failure.

By the time I got home Monday night, all I wanted to do was go to sleep and not wake up for days. My body still felt weak, my workload had just about tripled, and I had so many personal To-Do’s just lingering about in my head and on my planner that the notion of getting to any of it made me want to vomit. 

However, Tuesday morning I got up, made breakfast, drank coffee, played with my baby and decided to take one thing on at a time despite feeling horrid and exhausted. Just one thing at a time, I told myself. Make that phone call. Settle those debts. Clean the kitchen. Complete some business tasks. Just one thing at a time. Luckily, by the end of the day, and after a zoom meeting with two other coaches I adore, my heart felt warmer and my head clearer and I was able to end my day feeling thankful.

During that call one of the coaches talked a lot about organization and how once she got very organized, she suddenly felt so much more at peace. So the rest of Monday I dedicated to getting organized – in my home, in my business, and in my head. I genuinely believe that’s the only reason why today, (I write this on a Wednesday morning), I have more energy and more exuberance despite still being ill than I’ve had in over a week.

Clutter takes a toll on our minds y’all. Don’t let yourself believe that “I’m just messy” or “I know how to work around my mess”. I used to tell myself this and all I’ve reaped as a result, especially after children, is a massive amount of overwhelm at very inconvenient times. Allow yourself to learn HOW to become more organized and allow yourself to implement systems that work for YOU. 

You don’t have to rock a pinterest house or life – you just have to rock a life that works efficiently and effectively and doesn’t leave you DRAINED. Below is a video I filmed live on Facebook talking about organization to combat overwhelm.
Wishing you all an organized day!

Getting Organized As An Antidote for Overwhelm

Sincerely, Shakti <3

How To Listen To Your Body

Hey Tribe! I have so much material on my Facebook page in the form of LIVE videos, like TONS. And, since Facebook is not HUGE on sharing those videos outside of the platform I will be linking several on my blog!

My page is public and open to all so please, come on by, friend me and catch these LIVE!

In the meantime here is a video I made a few mornings ago that I REALLY loved. It’s a subject matter near and dear to my heart and it was requested of me by my good friend and success partner, Beth.

She asked me to make a video on how to listen to our bodies because she experienced having a really difficult time being “in tune” with what she needed/wanted. What ensued was a very deep conversation which really spoke to the deepest parts of me and my own journey with this.

May it serve you as it has served us!

Sincerely, Shakti <3

Self-Ideal, Self-Image, Self-Esteem: The Traid of Character Development

In my large collection of personal development books, I’m always stumbling on gems. These gems usually trigger some sort of long winded reflection that often ends up as a video – hence what you’re about to watch. That being said, this particular breakdown of the relationship between these three aspects of our being really clarified a lot for me about my self-esteem.

If you struggle to understand why your self-esteem is where it is, and how to change that – this video is an EXCELLENT guide for beginning that process. We really have the power in our hands to transform how we see ourselves and how we show up in the world. By knowing the relationship of these three elements, we can engage with that power and make sure that we are showing up in the world in a way that feels authentic and on purpose!



Becoming A Magnet For What You Want in 3 Simple Steps

So many times when speaking with people about what they want out of their life, it seems that while they might genuinely want what they say they want, they have NO idea how to attract that into their lives.
Yes, it’s true folks – we can quite literally attract ANYTHING we dream of into our lives. Does it require work? You bet your ass it does. Does it require steps? You bet your ass it does. Does it require completely shifting your perspective on ‘reality’? YOU BET YOUR ASS IT DOES.
This video was created with the intention of REALLY distilling the manifestation process down to three rather simple steps. Let me preface this by saying there is MUCH more to manifesting your reality, but I wanted to give a sort of ‘starter guide’ for people who are JUST beginning to explore this concept.
Want to know more? Comment below!