DoTERRA Essential Oils

Essential Oils: Liquid Plant Medicine

Essential oils have become surprisingly trendy as of late but did you know that these resins and oils have been around since ancient times? Our ancients knew the healing properties of plants and they readily used them to take care of all kinds of physical and emotional/spiritual issues. From dental pain to spiritual ascension – oils have always been a well loved and greatly prized aspect of our ancestors lives.

Essential oils are made through high sophisticated distillation processes that allow us to extract the pure potency of the plant in the form of oil. One drop of pure essential oil can equate several cups of its herbal equivalent. EO’s are THAT potent.

The Modern Problem With Essential Oils

Unfortunately, the greatest issue currently with the distribution of essential oils is how impure most of them are that are sold to the public. True, therapeutic grade oils are an investment. They aren’t cheap and they aren’t made fast. What you see at most stores bottled as “essential oil therapeutic grade” is at best only 5% EO. That’s how little is required for a company to label their product an EO. The rest of that oil in there is usually synthetic and actually harmful to the human body. This is why trusting that the source of your essential oil is providing you with PURE oil is so important.

In this short video, you will learn exactly why purity is so important.

Co-Impact Sourcing: A Model That Allows Us To Source The Best While Helping The Most

This is honestly why I fell in love with this company and never looked back. Not only do they work tirelessly to source the very best essential oil so that all around the world we get the honor and privilege of welcoming them into our homes, they also make sure that they are helping communities all around the globe become prosperous and self sufficient. Know that every time you purchase a bottle of oil or any product from my shop, you are contributing to the betterment of the world in a way that is far and great.

Begin Your Essential Oil Journey

If you’re ready to start your journey with essential oils and begin your in home apothecary – I’d be delighted to help! Send me a message with any questions you have or you can go straight to my shop and begin your journey yourself. We have a TON of different personal care items all made with pure essential oils so you can be sure that your cleaning products and personal care products are clean and pure.