My Nutritional *MUST HAVES*

These are my absolute MUSTS for maintaining general well being. These have prevented me from getting sick COUNTLESS times. So if you need some plant support don’t hesitate to pick these up, I promise they work wonders! Down below I also have a recipe for how to make your own hand sanitizer on the go!

Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor or certified nutritionist or herbalist. I work with many of those and these are products that I personally use and have used for a while and that I LOVE. How to use them and how much of each is written in the corresponding labels and if you have any questions you can consult your ND, MD, or AP. Also these are affiliate links which means that when you shop via these links I receive a small compensation. Thank you.

Vitamin B12 – If you’re plant based – DO NOT mess with this. Use it! I love that I can get a spray version and just one spray a day is enough!

Vitamin D3 – same brand and same kind – a SPRAY! One spray a day is also enough. This becomes especially important during winter when we don’t have a ton of time outside in the sun.

Colloidal Silver – I LOVE this stuff for general well being and fighting off any buy that MIGHT be coming my way. Super effective and potent.

Oregano Oil Capsules – this stuff is INCREDIBLE for warding off really bad colds etc. It is very strong and considered a hot oil so follow instructions and try to take it on an empty-ish stomach.

Shakeology – This is my **DAILY** Superfood ayurvedic blend. It’s what I’ve taken for the past three years in the morning as my breakfast and also my multi-vitamin, pre and probiotic, digestive enzymes and herbal boost. Considered *alive* as plants are not processed passed a certain temperature in order to maintain maximum efficacy it is the BEES KNEES. If you’d like to ALSO join our fitness community and incorporate movement into your life I can create a custom bundle that includes a month supply of Shakeology for an amazing rate. Contact me to help you decide what that looks like for YOU!

To Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer

1.) 100% Aloe Vera (gel or liquid) – with the gel base you can make an actual hand sanitizer texture, with the liquid you can create a hand sanitizer spray.

2.) Witch Hazel – this is a disinfectant and powerful cleanser that will not dry out your hands.

3.) Essential Oils – I like to use lemon, tea tree, and peppermint in any combination!

In a small spray bottle (or small sanitizer bottle) create a solution that is mostly aloe, with a 1 TBS of witch hazel and 15 drops of oils in total. Voila!