This is your new beginning…

We are Team Metta Movement and we are so thrilled to meet you.

metta. noun. lovingkindness, the Buddhist virtue of kindness;

We are a collective of servant leaders committed to our personal fitness and to the empowerment of our communities.

We are Mothers, Grandmothers, Students, Massage Therapists, Executives, Nurses, EFT practitioners, Metaphysicians, Teachers, Personal Trainers, and Mental Health Counselors.

We are all different and yet, the same.


We did not just come here for OUR well-being. We came here for others.

As an applicant to our Fitness Business Mentorship Program you are being considered to join one of the most powerful and dedicated communities of health leaders in the world.

You MUST be a servant leader and desire to lead from the front.

You MUST have a desire for entrepreneurship even if you’ve never done it.

You MUST be coachable and willing to apply action when prompted.

You MUST be committed to your personal transformation.

All materials and training will be provided. It is NOT required that you be an expert in fitness, nutrition, or any health field.

Watch This Video Before You Apply.

I’m THRILLED to meet you and to consider your application about this opportunity further. Please fill out the contact form below and you can expect an email from me and a text message confirming that I sent you an email.