This is the container where you decide it’s time to live your magic.

This container is subject to availability. I will only be working with 5 students per 6 month cycle. As some of those students will renew their contracts to continue our work together, spots will open up from time to time. If you apply and I do not have availability in the moment, I will be place your name on a waitlist and you will be contacted in order of application received.

A welcome message & what to expect from this container.

This is your mentorship container.

Every aspect of this container is tailored to you and your specific needs. Every student must have purchased their Human Design Bundle as the basis of our work in this mentorship container- the rest we decide together during our first call. This is the safe, magnetic container where you get to dream your life into reality with my full unwavering support.

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This is for soul ready for full embodiment.

You’ve taken some courses, done much research on your own, and you’re still at an impasse. You realize that this is the period of the void in your life where you need the support to move to EXPANSION in your life. You know that without support – you are tempted to return to your old life. The one where you felt smaller, scared, and hesitant.

For The Spiritual Entrepreneur / Committed Dreamer

Maybe you want to build a business and need the energetic foundation to understand what direction to take. Or maybe you have very specific dreams regarding relationship or personal well being that you are struggling to bring to life. Wherever you are, the gift of human design paired with conscious co-creation mentorship can support you.

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Concepts we will be using during our time together…

  • Human Designyour energy blueprint to show us the way forward with your path & purpose
  • Emotional Freedom Technique to regulate your nervous system, eliminate obstacles, and create opportunities in the quantum
  • Conscious Co-Creation Practicesto design specificity in your desires & connect with the quantum

What to expect after applying…

Saying yes to a commitment like this is a huge step forward and will automatically shift your timeline to put you into the greatest point of alignment available for you in the moment. That being said, after your application is completed, you will receive a corresponding email from me where we will set up about 15 minutes to talk either via phone or video. This is to ensure that this mentorship container is correct for you and aligned for me. During these 15 minutes we will get to know each other a little more and briefly touch on your needs and what you are hoping to gain. If it’s a good match – exciting! We can talk about the next steps. If it’s not, totally fine. No pressure, at all.

What to expect after enrolling…

After you decide on your container contract you will receive from me, my manifestation journal as well as a Sovereign notebook from my Etsy collection. The journal will help you begin to practice focusing techniques and to gather clarity on your desires. The notebook is designed to accompany you thru our time together so that you can document what feels pertinent.

We will then choose either Telegram or Voxer as a platform for regular communication and in that platform we will create a meeting schedule. During this time we will choose our first call time and it is during that call that we will create the outline for our time together within the container.

Frequently Asked Questions

“I’m not really sure what I want to manifest exactly, but I have a desire to create something big and meaningful and I don’t know where to start – will this help me?”

Yes. This container is about exploring who you are. Thru your human design chart we will look at your strengths, challenges, your purpose, your gifts, motivations and how to connect with the quantum realm. As we move thru the container you will apply these things directly to craft your vision and begin to follow it step by step.

“I’ve taken some courses and read quite a few books on manifesting but it doesn’t seem to work for me. Will this container help?”

Manifestation as a concept is often confused for being a power of the mind trick. It’s not at all. It’s an artform and a practice that takes time and regulating our emotional self. If you are open and receptive to approaching this a new way, you can see success here. If you are convinced this practice will not work for you – you will likely not experience success here.

“I have a hard time envisioning something in my mind. This is why I don’t think I can manifest. Can this container still work for me?”

If you have an open head/mind in your human design chart, chances are you do NOT do well holding a vision in your mind about your desires. Since about 70% of the population is open here, that means most ppl don’t do well with that practice! However, there IS a way to connect to your personal manifestation style and we can explore that and flesh out an approach tailored specifically to you.

“Is this a course with material that will be taught alongside coaching?”

No. This is not a course. This is a mentorship container. This means for 6 months we will meet bi-weekly on video and you will have consistent access to me during the week via voxer or telegram for audio check ins. Mentorship is student led. This means you show up with questions, circumstances and obstacles and together we create solutions. Mentorship is about you having complete support as you create something in your life so that you don’t struggle alone. Every student will have a different mentorship experience depending on their needs, level of experience with the practice of co-creation and human design, and their level of participation.

“I’m totally new to human design & have no idea what it even is – will this be covered in the mentorship?”

Absolutely. Human design is the foundation we start with in order to help you find direction for any specific desire/outcome you are wanting to work on. Once you purchase your Human Design Bundle you will have all you need to get started.

“How do I know if this is correct for me?”

Only you can know that and the number one way I direct potential students to decide is by checking in with your strategy & authority. You S & A are your unique way of making decisions and will always lead you to the correct answer. You can watch this video to understand an introduction to strategy by type and this one to understand authorities.