Sovereign Success – the mastermind

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Enrollment Closes January 12th 2023

Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist & EFT practitioner with a deeply psychic perception. As a quad right splenic projector being with every psychic marker in her design chart, Shakti is uniquely designed to focus on your design & help you create a life that resonates and aligns to your values and needs.


  • You’re Just Starting Your Business And Feel Overwhelmed. You have so many ideas and desires but you feel overwhelmed by all the different elements of your business you feel like you need to pay attention to. What should you focus on? What do you want to offer? How do you go about doing that? Here you are really needing clarity and direction.

  • You love what you offer, but you are NOT seeing the results you want. You feel like you put a lot of effort into your business but people don’t seem to hear you, see you and they don’t invest in what you have for them. For whatever reason you keep hitting a brick wall when it comes to having the success you dream of.

  • You need to pivot STAT. You have a business but it’s not longer feeling in alignment. Whether you need to change industries or the WAY you operate, something has to give because it feels like a chore to show up and you dread work. 

  • You want to burn it all to the ground. You are officially burned out. It’s time to overhaul your entire approach to LIFE let alone business. You’re exhausted, maybe sick and can’t shake it, and you cannot find the motivation to do literally anything.


That’s EXACTLY why I created Sovereign Success.

Start living a business that feels simplesustainable and sovereign in 5 months.

What Students Have Shared…

Being a part of the Sovereign Mastermind was a life changing experience for me. I learned so much about myself and the way I am meant to function with myself, with others and even in business. Shakti is such an amazing coach and mentor she has so much knowledge that she shared with us during the 12 weeks. I have taken many courses and been a part of different programs but this by far was the best investment I ever made and would recommend it to anyone who is truly ready to know themselves deeply and want to access their sovereignty.  

— Dolly Amaro

What clients have shared about their personal readings…

“So I just had my first human design meeting and I cannot stop smiling I am beyond excited and happy to learn more. This meeting was mind blowing it validated so much in my life and my decisions. I feel like a brand new person and understand more WHO I AM and my purpose . I was in tears in the beginning at how accurate it was I couldn’t believe something like this existed. I thank you Shakti for giving me this opportunity to experience and learn something so life changing. If you are lost in life or need questions answered or confirmation about who you are you MUST have a session you will not regret. I want to scream to the world how incredible I feel finding out my truth.” Soleri M.

Shakti Rios presented me with my Human Design in the form of a chart, a written description of all the elements in a PDF, as well as, a zoom recording of the reading which was an hour long. Is this woman thorough, knowledgeable, insightful and intelligent, hell ya! Diving deep into my Human Design with Shakti presented information I consciously knew: that’ll be me. She also framed things in a way to help me understand my challenges while also giving me hope. A reading by Shakti is not just about information, it’s about using your HD as a tool to grow. Pointing out the unconscious elements affirmed my life experience. What this did was helped me love myself more deeply. Due to the layers of information means I’m constantly finding more truths and insights from this reading. This woman is a shining star of wisdom. Her reading will help you understand yourself better. It will enlighten you to your own strengths and challenges. An HD reading by Shakti will ground you in the true essence of who you are. 5 very bright shining stars for this service.”  Michele W.

You Deserve To Know Yourself

There is no greater joy than discovering who you were meant to be and allowing yourself the gift of arranging your life to fit that. It increases your wealth, the quality of your relationships, your inner peace, and dramatically reduces the anxiety many of us feel because we are constantly trying to keep up with a world that always feels against us.

I promise you – the world is not against you.

You CAN have a life you love to wake up to every day. Understanding your mechanics is a key to that lock.

I’m so deeply thrilled for you and for our work ahead.