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 The body is what I call, the Ultimate Recorder of All Things Experienced. Unlike our minds that possess the capacity to compartmentalize, separate, ignore and move on – the body does not.

The body stores.

It stores E V E R Y T H I N G.

It is why you can pass a scent on the street and it immediately transports you back to the time when you were a child baking cookies in your grandmothers 1950s kitchen. Or you catch a scent of cologne or perfume and feel the knot in your belly or the lump in your throat of the relationship with your first “real” love when you were 15 years old.

It is why after years of having experienced ONE traumatic experience, a single touch or the wrong timing can trigger all the very same physical responses that ONE moment did twenty years ago.

The body does not forget. And because the body does not forget and we don’t realize that it is indeed storing all this information, we unknowingly become more toxic to ourselves. Every worry, anxiety, resentment, experience of pain, suffering, fear gets trapped and it makes us physically a little weaker and a little weaker until our immune system becomes weakened enough and we begin to develop physical symptoms – an ache, a pain, a chronic thing, an injury that won’t get better, a disease etc. Then we say things like, “must be getting old!” or “it’s just my bad arm” like it’s completely normal when in fact – it is not.

My love of bodywork comes from the deep understanding the the body is the wisest scribe of all time. The reason things don’t get better is because they haven’t been addressed them from where they are stored. My job, as I see it, is to help you make contact with that source so that you can ‘unpack’ it so to speak and free yourself from the body memory.

Sometimes this looks like finally improving chronic pain or limited range of motion, or finally sleeping a whole night without interruption or insomnia, or finally crying even though you don’t even know why you’re crying, or finally feeling grounded in your body.

No matter what the ailment is I have come to learn that before it was a thing – it was a thought. And that if listened to with intention and openness, it will reveal to us what it needs to be released.

I don’t fix. I facilitate. YOU heal. Together we can help you create the space in your body so that you fully embody the powerful being you came here to be.

What People Are Saying About Their Session…

I recently saw Shakti for bodywork, and I was totally blown away. Her technique is so subtle but incredibly powerful, and I feel like I released more than just muscle tension while on her table. She made me feel totally comfortable and I fully trusted the process, allowing deep healing to occur. I highly recommend her services! Plus she’s a really cool chick.” – Julia Elliot

She is excellent and professional and really dedicated to clients/patients who suffer from chronic pain due to surgeries and injuries like myself. I felt very comfortable and safe and it was such a relaxing experience. I highly recommend her especially for people living with pain and scar tissue.” – Ana Carabeo

Five years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis and couldn’t have been more devastated. I began to spiral into a deep depression with anxiety, my energy level was dipping and my enthusiasm to workout or do anything was going downhill. Until I met Shakti, I initially went to see her for a simple body massage. Little did I know  I was meeting my soul sister who would provide me with more than body ache relief. At around  my second or third massage session Shakti did her magic with energy healing. I can never put the experience into words but I can say I walked out with a clear head and a light heart every time. As time progressed my world began to blossom , my psoriasis was regressing, a new job opportunity opened up and I was getting back to my old self. Fast forward to today, where we’re miles apart. Since her move I search for energy healers to help me out with zero success, I would always walk out still feeling heavy. So I thought to reached out to Shakti and try her one hour card reading. The moment the FaceTime connected she could sense my energy blockage. She pulled the cards and explained what each meant,  what was happening around me and how I was being affected and then gave me some exercises to help me work through it all. Shakti is heaven sent and would highly recommend her services. Thank you.” – Jennifer G.

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