Are You Ready For the Loving Kindness Movement?


Welcome to the birth place of STRONG MAGIC.

metta. noun. lovingkindness, the Buddhist virtue of kindness;

The MOMENT I decided to embark on my OWN health and fitness journey – everything changed. And, I don’t mean just “try” it on. I mean, JUMP in, both feet, ready to get SERIOUS about changing my life.

I was 4 months post-partum with my first child and heavy in the throes of the most insane anxiety and depression I had ever experienced in my life. Having been an EXTREMELY spiritual person my entire life I firmly believed this was a growing phase that I had just not appreciated yet. Although I prayed it would get better, it was difficult to stay optimistic when my physical body was REALLY hurting.

My body was falling apart, my mental state was erratic (naturally), and I had little to no joy in my day to day. Although I loved my son, I found myself feeling resentful for the life I now had with him.

I knew I needed to start aligning, moving, and nourishing DIFFERENTLY – I was 20 lbs over weight, even though I was exclusively breastfeeding, I had no energy, I was not sleeping at night, and I was eating food that did not make me feel good, at all. So, when I saw the opportunity to start at at-home workout program, I thought, why not?

I was too anxious to leave my house and go anywhere and I also didn’t have anyone to watch my son, so I just decided to stay in my house and workout my anxiety, and eat my superfoods in peace and quiet.

That single decision altered the course of my health, but also of my work and service. I not only decided to say yes to starting my own focused health journey, I said yes to becoming a mentor and helping other women do it, too! When I said YES to becoming a mentor and helping other women the same way I had been helped, I was not entirely sure what I had just said yes to.

Honestly, I was a little freaked and although I was excited, I also felt overwhelmed and unsure of how this would align with me and my purpose overall.

What I found was an amazing community of exceptionally supportive and beautiful Goddesses that continuously push me to BE better all the way around. From then, my passion for welcoming other mentors and clients into this incredibly holistic world fitness/mindfulness/group support has been deep and sincere. For me, there is NO greater work of love then helping other people shine in their lives and create beautiful success.

Our team is called Metta Movement because we as a collective are COMMITTED and DEDICATED to teaching others how to live a life of loving kindness; loving kindness toward themselves and also towards others. Through the fitness platform, we help others via simple and effective tools to regain their self love and then show up in the world to serve others in finding their way. Through our personal development and meditative practices we support them in their alignment and inner growth.


Are you INSPIRED to help yourself and/or other people achieve great holistic health?

Have you DREAMED of your own vision and business in service of others?

Do you have an ENTREPRENEURIAL mindset and just don’t know HOW to launch it into action?

I’m THRILLED to meet you and to talk to you about this opportunity further.

Visit our site to learn all about who we are, how to get started, and what you can expect: WELCOME TO METTA MOVEMENT.

I’m so thrilled that you are ready to begin this journey. You are going to amaze yourself with the sudden inspiration and motivation you find bursting through you to create a more fulfilling life. Looking forward to connecting with you and your dreams soon!