Group Mastermind Coaching

mastermind-bannerDo you hear that?

It’s the sound of your soul calling you to UP-LEVEL.

Have you been cruising by your year(s) day dreaming about a: better Home, better Marriage, better Health, better Financial Situation, and nothing ever seems to change?

Have you been spinning your wheels trying to get out of the ruts you seem to perpetually fall into? I get it, friend. That’s been me MOST of my life.

Most of my life I’ve done everything the “hard” way. Struggled. Went without. Hit brick walls. Fell into trenches. Over and over and over again. I’ve always dreamed of living a life I loved and designed EXACTLY to my liking. So I didn’t understand why all my ‘positive thinking’ was getting me no where except into larger and larger problems.

I didn’t understand that changing my life began with changing my MIND and my VIBRATION.

Once I understood that and found the appropriate resources to help me through my own processes, it’s always turned into a light-bulb moment and a clear solution soon following.

From years of highly challenging experiences – abusive relationships, body image issues, losing businesses, divorce, autoimmunity, and postpartum depression and anxiety – to living a thriving and active life in a happy marriage, an ever expanding business, and a healthy relationship to self, there’s been A LOT of learning.

Anne and I have partnered together to bring you the kind of mentoring and environment that literally SAVED us both during our darkest moments. It’s the kind of environment that fosters healing, safety, confidence, ingenuity, and courage.

Every Month You Will Receive:

  • 2 webinars on a specific personal growth topics
  • 2 Q&A Facebook live videos
  • a VIP Facebook group
  • a one-on-one monthly check-in
  • a weekly tarot card spread to set the tone for our week
  • a daily affirmation to focus on the rest of the day

Isn’t it time you were DONE spinning your wheels?

How about living your BEST life in 2017?

Enrollment into Group Coaching is only $888 and once that is paid – you ONLY pay $60 monthly to be in the group!

Of course, I’m ALL about options. Below you will see all the way you can enroll:

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After your payment(s) are complete, you will receive an email for your new subscription of only $60 monthly. In order to stay in the group, the subscription must be completed and submitted to stay in the group.

So excited to have you join us for the GROUP experience! There is alway so much to learn from being in community and listening to each other’s experiences. Anne and I have both been in masterminds for a long while now and it has proven to be the most beneficial and empowering experience for self-growth we’ve ever invested in outside of 1:1 coaching.

Any questions just contact me HERE! ❤