The Genius Incubator

Welcome To The Genius Incubator.

This is the private container where you take your business & decide it’s time to live your magic and eliminate chaos & burnout.

This is your mentorship container.

Every aspect of this container is tailored to you and your specific needs. Every student will have an opportunity to study their chart container. And it will be the *basis* of all our co-creation. The goal is a thorough audit of your design and your energy management to ensure sustainability & long term success.

Which Entrepreneur Are You?


You are *just* getting started or you are thinking of starting your own business venture but you are struggling with clarity & knowing what is correct for you to focus on. You are also struggling to understand your message and desired audience.


You have an established business but are quickly realizing that you are no longer feeling aligned with what you created and it’s time to shift. Here you are likely struggling to figure out what exactly doesn’t feel good anymore and work feels exhausting and depleting.


You have hit burnout full on. You feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted and you have the desire to burn your entire business to the ground and walk away. At this point we need to focus on nervous system regulation and restructuring before going back to the BEGIN or PIVOT phase.

Do make sure to indicate which phase you are in when completing your report.

There has never been a greater need for your gifts

You may have noticed that our world is quickly changing. As the deception around what “security” means becomes increasingly more unveiled, so does our sense of unhappiness and lack of purpose. You are not alone in seeking for more depth, impact and growth. The world is HUNGRY for creative entrepreneurs that can solve problems with integrity & passion. This is your time.

Concepts we will be using during our time together…

  • Human Designyour energy blueprint to show us the way forward with your path & purpose
  • Emotional Freedom Technique to regulate your nervous system, eliminate obstacles, and create opportunities in the quantum
  • Conscious Co-Creation Practicesto design specificity in your desires & connect with the quantum

What to expect after applying…

Saying yes to a commitment like this is a huge step forward and will automatically shift your timeline to put you into the greatest point of alignment available for you in the moment. That being said, after your application is completed, you will receive a corresponding email from me where we will set up the right payment structure for you and get you scheduled.

What to expect after enrolling…

We will establish our call schedule and get connected on Telegram so that you can establish our connection for in between call support.

Frequently Asked Questions

“How will Human Design help my business?”

There are many technical aspects Human Design can support you in, such as: true purpose, natural talents/gifts, marketing voice, brand identity, most likely struggles, ideal work environment, ideal team size etc. And aside from that, if we accept that our businesses are an extension of who we are, it would be logical to infer that the more clarity you have on who you are and how you function optimally, the more success and ease you’ll find in your work. The goal is to sustain long term success whilst avoiding burnout & continually knowing how to make correct decisions to support your business.

“What is the investment?”

The mentorship container is 6 weeks long, includes 45 minutes calls each week and telegram support in between calls for $1888. There is also a bi-weekly payment option for $630, or a weekly payment option of $315.

“Is this a course with material that will be taught alongside coaching?”

No, this is a mentorship container. This is all about focusing on your needs which includes looking at your challenges and growth opportunities & is highly personalized.

“I’m totally new to human design & have no idea what it even is – will this be covered in the mentorship?”

Absolutely. Human design is the foundation we start with in order to help you find direction for any specific desire/outcome you are wanting to work on. There will be introductory lessons as well as resources to support you and I will be present in the group space to help as well!

“How do I know if this is correct for me?”

Only you can know that and the number one way I direct potential students to decide is by checking in with your strategy & authority. You S & A are your unique way of making decisions and will always lead you to the correct answer. You can watch this video to understand an introduction to strategy by type and this one to understand authorities.

So deeply thrilled to support you and activate your dream. Excitedly awaiting your application and to introduce the world to a renewed and passionate YOU.

xoxo Shakti