The Emotional Freedom Incubator

Liberate your spirit, body & mind with a powerful & gentle energy psychology technique.

Shakti is a Human Design Specialist & Eft Practitioner of 5 years. She blends these two studies to help clients pinpoint spiritual wounds & to help them find ease & alignment by collapsing trauma and stuck emotion.

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

What is it & How does it work?

EFT is an energy psychology technique that helps regulate emotional dysregulation in the body by applying light rhythmic pressure to specific points on the body correlated to major meridians of energy that course through the body. While tapping, the practitioner also creates a set up & guiding phrase to address specific issues that help access & remove the emotional blocks while being mindful of not re-triggering.

What Can It Help With?

EFT is brilliant at supporting trauma healing, anxiety, fears & phobias, anger, emotional dysregulation, sexual dysfunction, disturbing memories, physical pain & pretty much any type of discomfort or pain that exists in this physical plain. Operating from the premise that all physical manifestation of problems first occurs in the non-tangible realm (i.e the mind/emotions), EFT bridges the body and the mind/emotions to liberate them both simultaneously.

How are the sessions set up?

The container is a 8 week series of sessions that includes 45 minute weekly meetings via video call.

What is my investment?

The Emotional Freedom Incubator is $1327 for the 8 weeks and can be paid either in full or in a series of 4 payments (bi-weekly).

More client love

Shakti has helped me manage tooth pain with eft when she first started out! She used her technique with confidence poise and so much grace.

 I highly recommend working with Shakti because you get so much more from your experience than you are expecting. She approaches everything with love and grace. And never pushes you outside of your boundaries but will challenge your comfort zone. She is highly adept at holding space for others and has done this her whole career. Her only goal is to help others grow and shine their lights!

Beth M.