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Monday, SEPT 11TH-13TH: Light Body Activation Series! FREE 3 Days of Meditation!

I remember a time with continual panic and anxiety was sort of my M.O. It didn’t occur to me that there could be a very effective way of creating long term understanding and healing of that frantic way of existing. In my head I thought, “Well, anxiety is in my family history, it must be my lot.”

>>And, I genuinely believed that to be true.<<

In the past 9 years of study, I’ve uncovered a tremendous amount of knowledge – biological, metaphysical, spiritual, etc. – that all bring to light a very significant truth – we are NOT just our genetics. Our genetics are simply a switchboard. CONSCIOUSNESS or lack thereof, is what actually drives the activation or deactivation of certain genetic markers. You can read more about this in Dr. Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief“. (afflink)

The moment this was verified for me I turned immediately to a deeper understanding of meditation and mindfulness and the powerful effect of mind on body. It is in these studies that the light body has slowly been revealed to me, I now realize, and I’ve understood this light body to the be the body that connects us ALL, that intuits information, that receives downloads, and that allows us to heal.

For three days starting Sept. 11th there will be a meditation available for you to experience along with a little exercise for you to begin conscious contact with your light body. It is my greatest hope that you will learn how to soothe in times of distress, heal when in discomfort, learn to trust your intuition more deeply, and come in greater contact with your guidance team.

Join us for these FREE meditations and invite your friends. Community = POWER. The more of us awaken, the more LIGHT we can bring into our world. 


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Monday SEPT 18th: Let’s Get Meta-physical! 21 Day Fitness Group w/ FREE mini reading upon Enrollment!

Hello my lovelies! Isn’t time we get a little META-physical up in here!? Yes, you – crystal loving, card swinging, meditation vibing spiritual gangsta! You who extend SO MUCH ENERGY into the world around you and tend to feel depleted? Where my healers at!?

This event is FOR YOU. Let’s take care of ourselves – FOR ONCE. Let’s work it out, sweat it out, fuel our bodies and allow our metaphysical gifts to flourish as we honor our bodies! Our temples need us now more than ever and it’s TIME you showed up for it don’t you think?

Let not another day go by of the aches and pains and extreme exhaustion claim your joy or your light. Let’s do this TOGETHER.

**3 Weeks of Full Fitness + Nutrition provided –> this includes a library of fitness programs to choose from and move through, a complete meal guide and shopping list per program, and 30 days of my FAVORITE superfood supplement to get you started right!

** One on one coaching and TOTAL availability for you to ask me questions, get clairty on your needs, and grow yourself inside and OUT.

** Group support with like-minded starseeds here to grow themselves within and without.

**A FREE 3 card mini reading (value of $30) upon enrollment as a CONGRATULATIONS for committing to yourself and your health!

Are you ready for this? Fill Out The Form Below And I’ll be sure to set you up for your enrollment AND your mini reading! Congrats rockstar, you are one step closer to living that harmonized life! ♥


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