The Sovereign Containers

These containers are the initiations you’ve been praying for.

Sovereign Manifesting

The 12 lesson self paced course that teaches you how to consciously co-create using your unique human design blueprint. Manifestation Meets Design.

{Available October 2022}

Quantum Sovereignty Mastermind

A year long container with a focus on living the experiment of your human design & nervous system regulation to help you actively create a life that is sovereign & fulfilling.

{Enrollment Opens December 2022}

Sovereign Blueprint Mentorship

A 6 month high touch private coaching container to help you learn how to live the experiment of your design blueprint from a place of empowerment and sovereignty. Learn More here. These are limited spaces and are first offered to members of the mastermind.

What Students Are Saying…

Being a part of the Sovereign Mastermind was a life changing experience for me. I learned so much about myself and the way I am meant to function with myself, with others and even in business. Shakti is such an amazing coach and mentor she has so much knowledge that she shared with us during the 12 weeks. I have taken many courses and been a part of different programs but this by far was the best investment I ever made and would recommend it to anyone who is truly ready to know themselves deeply and want to access their sovereignty.  

— Dolly Amaro