Law of Attraction Coaching

“ I read the books, I listen to videos and podcasts, and I’ve been doing this “self help” thing for a while…

I know about LOA and manifesting and mindset and yet…I don’t see change. WHATS UP WITH DAT!?”

Here’s the thing…

You’ve been studying Law of Attraction for a while. Maybe even some neuroscience. You understand most of it – intellectually.

But when it comes to demonstrating what you want – nada.

When it comes to changing the way you BEHAVE or BELIEVE – not much difference.

Knowing the law and practicing the law of attraction are two very different processes.

It isn’t until we start ALIGNING with our desires and RE-WRITING the subconscious programming keeping us from receiving what we want that we will start to see results.

You cannot just do ONE of these things – you must do both.

So when you embark on your personal journey of deliberately using law of attraction and manifesting your soul mate relationship, or wealth, or health, or understanding your purpose we are creating NEW rules to live by.

When we are establishing new rules to live by, the concepts are so infantile it will require a degree of focused and active nurturing.

In previous formats of my coaching, where clients would come in for single sessions – this is what would happen OFTEN: Client has a session. They feel alive and connected. They go back into their lives. Shit hits the fan (because it always will). They forget everything they learned. They continue to spiral into triggers and despair thoughts. They are stuck again until the they decide to reach out and do more work.

Please know, this happens to ALL of us.

New habits/beliefs/ways of being take TIME to become established. It takes time for us to swap out our previous templates we created of how the world “operates” for new ones that we WANT to put in place. Our minds will repeatedly default to what we’ve known because our minds crave what is FAMILIAR not what is necessarily best.

This is so important for you to really let sink in: Your Mind Will Do What Is Familiar, NOT What Is Best.

It’s what the brain does. To your brain familiar = safe even when it doesn’t. This is why breaking destructive habits is so hard and why leaving toxic relationships feels daunting – because in your mind it is familiar and therefore safe.

Sounds crazy – I know. But it’s also true.


The opportunity for us to work together is one that I regard as the highest kind of work. It is the opportunity to create a safe container for you to explore your being without holding back. It is my responsibility to create the kind of container where you feel totally seen, heard, and held as you do your work.

You show up ready to do your work.

I show up ready to hold the space.

Together we dig up the roots of what isn’t working, shine a light on the darkness that is unknowingly controlling your reality, and bring conscious and deliberate creation into your life so that you begin living the life you came here for.

Depending on who YOU are and the kind of subconscious programming we are working with, our work can be profoundly metaphysical in nature and transformative across timelines. The kind of work we do is ENTIRELY tailored to you.


This is the first point of contact for many clients on their personal transformation journeys. In this point of contact, we connect via email and chat about setting up a time to talk if that feels good to see IF our work together is in alignment.

If via email it “feels” right and you’re ready to talk a little more openly about what you’re needing, we can then set up a call. Totally your call.

Send that email, babe. You’ve GOT this. <3

Already know that you’d like to schedule a free 30 minute call to get some of your questions answered and see if we’re a good fit? Schedule below!


If you’ve never worked with me before and would like to experience the kind of intuitive work I offer alongside coaching, Soul RX is FOR you.

This 90 minute session is all about diving into your story and outlining your greatest roadblocks and assets as well as your BEST plan of action for addressing them.

You will be given your Human Design Chart, your main Astrology Natal Chart (as well as guidance for how to study them), an oracle card spread of where you are NOW and how best to move forward in one of several areas of your life.

We will also do some coaching work on what comes up in your reading and help YOU retain the clarity of the cards.

Your call is recorded and sent to you via email along with several videos to help you navigate each of your charts in depth! Consider this like a planning session for your future with your best psychic friend.


This is a private, totally immersive, and an “all hands on deck” kind of experience.

You and I will meet once a week on a phone call or video call for 45 minutes and DIVE into one of your Four Core.

Four Core is the term I gave to what I downloaded as being the four primary immediate points of desire/distress that we as humans experience in this material realm.

  • Body {image, weight, dis-ease}
  • Resources {money, time, opportunity}
  • Relationships {partnership, family, friendships}
  • Service {career, business, purpose}

The secret to unpacking your Four Core and creating the experience you WANT to have of them is alignment.

We don’t have to work on mind, body, spirit like most new-age teachers teach, you ARE spirit. That’s a given. It doesn’t need work. What DOES need work, is using your spirit to GUIDE your material experience of reality.

In other words SPIRIT guides >> MIND guides >> BODY (material). That IS the order for long term happiness and success.

Where we get TRAPPED is on track from Spirit to Material – can we say MIND DRAMA. This is where coaching and some energy psychology REALLY helps. This is where you get your MIND on board with your SPIRIT and then create seeming miracles.

Sound like fun?

Read on!

Over the course of our time together, as you show up to your weekly sessions, you will not have the opportunity to go into autopilot. You will have a consistent check point to tap into, reassess, receive insight/clarity/tools, and then go into our life to practice until the following week when we meet again. You will also have unlimited access to me via Voxer (a walkie talkie app that is totally free). This ensure that you have a touch point with me during the week as you are practicing your work.

In addition, you will also receive entrance into my alignment mastery program for free for the length of time we are working together 1:1. This will give you an EXTRA call a week in a group format, a manual to do daily journal prompts in, and a monthly guided meditation.

WHO THIS IS IDEAL FOR: This is for the student of the law of attraction, who understands the law and has studied it for maybe a few years, and is still not demonstrating results in their life as they desire. Private sessions are best suited for students that need extra accountability and support, or for students who want privacy in their coaching journey.

WHAT IS THE INVESTMENT: There are TWO active tracks for 1:1 coaching each with payment options.

The Alignment Fix

The Alignment Fix is a 30 day program dedicated to quickly shifting you back into alignment and helping you hold yourself focused while you process ONE of the Core Four areas of your life in which you want to ‘speak the word’ and demonstrate.

You receive:

  • 4 (45) minute calls once a week
  • 1 month membership to TAU
  • Weekly assignments to support coaching

Investment is $800. There are THREE payment options: In full, bi weekly, or weekly. When you click on “Choose a Private Coaching Track” these options will be made visible to you.

The Alignment Intensive

The Alignment Intensive is a 60 day program created to take the concepts learned in the first 30 days and then dive DEEPER into – template re-writing, tools for clearing the subconscious mind, visioning, etc. This length of time allows you to focus on ONE or TWO of the Core Four areas of your life in which you want to speak the word and demonstrate.

You receive:

  • 8 (45) minute calls once a week
  • 2 month membership to TAU
  • Weekly assignments to support coaching

Investment is $1400. There are FOUR payment options: In full, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly. When you click on “Choose a Private Coaching Track” the options will be made visible to you.

What People Are Saying About Their Work With Me…

I had a 30 minute call with Shakti today and she is brilliant! 
I was definitely in need of some guidance and she was filled with so much insight. there were so many moments during our conversation where a light bulb just went off for me, she just knew exactly what I needed to hear and uncovered things I had never even thought of! 
I am so excited to take her knowledge and insight and put it to use in my journey to a healthier mental and physical lifestyle!
” – Mackinze Wenner

Shakti is an amazing human being with so much knowledge and wisdom. I have had the pleasure to work with her and the changes I have seen in my life have me amazed🙌🏻❤️. Thank you Shakti for your love and acceptance.” – Paola Seymour

I have to be the biggest success story to date, this poor woman lol. After being her massage client for a few years or seems like many I decided I had to have her help. Much like myself we are both light bearers to the world and mine had burned out. I recall saying I’ll do whatever you want me to do just fix me. What she does is helping you fix yourself from the inside out which is a true testament to her gift. You must do the work and who you’ve always dreamed you are or wanted to be is around the corner. in one short month I’m down 14lbs, more confident and strong in who I am and what I bring to this world all thanks to the tools she has given me. do the work and enjoy the sweet rewards.” – Tonya Sprowl

I’ve known Shakti for a few years now, and I can honestly say she’s beyond the real deal. If you work with her as a coach, she’ll change your life. If you work with her for readings, expect accurate projections. She’s impossible to hide from and her readings are spot on. Can’t recommend her highly enough.” – Lindsay Calverly

I met Shakti about 2 years ago and at the time, I wasn’t sure we’d click. With her spiritual/psychic background and my Catholic background, I was always told to steer clear. (I led a very sheltered life growing up lol)
But getting to know her, she is extremely intuitive and caring and honest. I actually felt like she and I were destined to be friends.  Inside joke but she’s my perplexing blessing from God.  She’s been my coach for the last 2 years and has helped me work through so many blocks about my self worth, money, family, everything.  I’m not sure if I’d be the person I am today without her in my life and her guidance.  For anyone who needs a coach but unsure of psychics, she is amazing at honoring boundaries and can coach on both levels or one depending on your comfort zone. That’s what I appreciated the most
.” – Victoria Hernandez Limon

Five years ago I was diagnosed with psoriasis and couldn’t have been more devastated. I began to spiral into a deep depression with anxiety, my energy level was dipping and my enthusiasm to workout or do anything was going downhill. Until I met Shakti, I initially went to see her for a simple body massage. Little did I know  I was meeting my soul sister who would provide me with more than body ache relief. At around  my second or third massage session Shakti did her magic with energy healing. I can never put the experience into words but I can say I walked out with a clear head and a light heart every time. As time progressed my world began to blossom , my psoriasis was regressing, a new job opportunity opened up and I was getting back to my old self. Fast forward to today, where we’re miles apart. Since her move I search for energy healers to help me out with zero success, I would always walk out still feeling heavy. So I thought to reached out to Shakti and try her one hour card reading. The moment the FaceTime connected she could sense my energy blockage. She pulled the cards and explained what each meant,  what was happening around me and how I was being affected and then gave me some exercises to help me work through it all. Shakti is heaven sent and would highly recommend her services. Thank you.” – Jennifer G.

Need a little more clarity on booking your track? Schedule a FREE call and get all the clarity you need.

Ready to start living your desires in REAL time? Let’s get started.

Please note: Investments are non refundable. Schedule your discovery call and let’s make sure it’s a good fit for both parties.

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