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I'm Shakti. A mom, a yogini, and a coffee and literature obsessed lifestyle coach. My story ...well, I've got many. My REAL story and the reason behind this page and this movement started immediately after the birth of my son. My pregnancy and delivery were IDEAL. Quite literally, the most amazing and grace filled experience any pregnant woman could ask for. However, immediately after his birth it became an odyssey. Breastfeeding was horrific and took 8 weeks of unspeakable pain before I was able to do so successfully. I spiraled deeply into PPD and PPA and found myself crying hysterically nearly every hour of every day for three FULL months. By the end of month three, my maternity leave was coming to an end, as was my patience with the misery I experienced daily. I knew I had to make a different choice. My body was falling apart, my energy was non existent, and I could not sleep at night from my episodes of anxiety. When I decided to try these at home workouts and Shakeology, the decision came from a place of sheer desperation. I could not fathom leaving my son anywhere to workout because the thought of anyone watching him other than me immediately triggered anxiety. So, I chose home workouts and Shakeology in hopes that I would turn my life around. Within a week, I was sleeping, energized, and feeling hopeful again. My life LITERALLY turned around. I found joy in my son, my marriage, and my life. I found passion again. When I became a mentor I vowed that no mother, or human, would ever feel as disconnected, pained, and miserable as I did. Since then, I dedicate my every day to lifestyle education and mindset mastery. If you feel you could benefit from being part of an inclusive, motivating, and lifestyle changing environment, this is your official invitation.

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