AURA BASICS: An Introductory Course

Are you ready to begin your Human Design learning journey?

One of the things I came across when I started my own journey was information that felt really complex and went over my head quite a bit. When I decided to teach human design, I decided I would make it easier to understand and accessible to as many people as I possibly could. While I do also offer in depth reports, I also wanted something that could introduce others to human design without being overwhelming or potentially intimidating.

That’s where the Aura Basics came into play.

These courses are only $37 and are available inside our free community The Sovereign Social. Join us in there and visit the course tab to find your aura basics course or click on your aura type below to be automatically redirected. When you click on the direct links below you will be asked to create an account inside of my free community. Once you do that, you’ll then be able to access your course. This ensures that everyone who picks up their course also has access to the free resources inside the community. If you are a manifesting generator then your course is the GENERATOR course and once inside you’ll see a second video just for your subtype!