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I’m Shakti – mom to a dinosaur loving little boy & an impossibly sweet 6 week old little girl, married to my middle school crush,  serious ET enthusiast, lover of all things spiritual, coffee, books, health, fitness, and metaphysical!

I’m all about the relationship between mind, body, breath and story.

My own story has influenced and guided the decision behind becoming a ‘guide on the side’ for my clients as I’ve witnessed in my own life the immeasurable value of having someone with a powerful mindset paired with powerful faith hold space for me during times of transition and growth.

The desire to create this sacred relationship with clients did not fully bloom until the birth of my son – my first born.

While my pregnancy and delivery were ideal and full of grace, my post-partum period was anything but. I fell deep into the trenches of depression and anxiety and wallowed in misery for three months straight after his arrival. It was a devastatingly lonely and dark time. My body was falling apart, my mind was frayed, and I was totally disconnected from any network of support I had prior to having my son – and I felt very disconnected from Source.

Eventually,  via the grace of God and the sweet online relationships I still maintained, I found my way to home workout programs and nutritional support which steadily brought me back to the land of the living.

Through daily physical fitness and elementary nutritional guidance, I was able to feel better in my body than I had felt in months – truly, more like EVER. Slowly, my mind followed, and finally my BREATH! As I found more stability and strength physically, I began to turn inward and began searching for spiritual support.

It is maybe important to note that up until this moment in my life – I had a very strong spiritual path.

By 21 I was an ordained interfaith minister, by 23 I had my own spiritual coaching office where I offered courses and workshops, by 24 I became a licensed massage therapist and by 27 a yoga instructor. For the window of time between 21 and 28 (when my son was born), I feverishly dove head first into group coaching, life mastery programs, chanting, meditation, prayer, healing – you name it, I went there. Having been an excellent college student with my life intention to continue pursuing ivory tower studies, this was QUITE a detour.

But, here’s the thing:

When God calls, we answer. There is no debate there.

The wisdom of all that is far supersedes what we in our small minds can begin to understand, so, I understood in that very young moment of transition that I was being called by something greater than myself and that my job was to get OUT of the way and allow it to do its thing.

Nearly nine years since the beginning of that wild journey, I now have the honor and privilege of serving so many others on their own path. Sometimes, the focus is very strictly fitness and nutrition – for me this is ALWAYS a great starting point. When you feel good in your body and you develop consistency, it gives your mind confidence and allows you to feel comfortable searching on a more subtle level. Other times the support is strictly spiritual/life based – What do I want to do? Who am I? What’s my purpose? How do I find Fulfillment? And more often than not, it’s both. Because we need it ALL, dear ones. That’s how we find harmony.

My personal commitment as your mentor is to help you, sweet warrior woman, perhaps grappling with feeling disconnected, unhealthy, lethargic or perhaps feeling lost in the story of your own life after a major life event, to the find the tools necessary to help you begin and sustain that change. I work closely with other coaches and clients to help them attain their physical, spiritual, business and lifestyle goals, always maintaining harmony and wellness as the center focus of our work.

I’m so thrilled you are here. I’m so thrilled you have decided to go beyond. Your life is such a beautiful gem of light and hope for the world, may it shine brightly and light up others through its example!

Want to learn more? Contact me and let’s get you started! <3


In service,

Shakti XO

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