How We Are Conditioning Our Children & How To Change It

This is a tough pill to swallow.

Most of us reading this are trying really hard to be the best possible parents we can be from a very conscious aspect. It’s not like older generations that did their best with little awareness – we are aware. Aware of our best and hyper aware of our shortcomings. I don’t think there has ever been a generation of more aware parents than the parenting age right now.

Many of us are actively attempting to correct the damage of generations before us and for the first time ever, investing in any tool we can to better understand ourselves and our children.

But one area that I repeatedly see missed in the understanding of our children is who THEY are from an energetic standpoint.

Who is their SOUL?

What lights them up?

How did they come here to learn?

What are some of their likely struggles?

How do we support them in making correct decisions?

In reading those questions most parents would agree the answers to them are exceptionally important and yet, up until quite recently, HOW to answer them hasn’t been made obvious.

And because it hasn’t been obvious, despite our best efforts, we continue to condition our children away from who they actually are and closer to what we think is correct for them based on a history of tangled understandings and beliefs. As much as we are trying to break free from the generational hurts from our upbringing , we somehow keep perpetuating some of them.

The greatest scam that has ever befallen us as a collective is the mask of homogeneity. Instead of being encouraged to be ourselves and live the way that best resonates with us we are constantly ushered into some camp of homogeneity either because of our culture, beliefs, dietary regimen, lifestyle etc. Wherever we look someone is telling us the BEST way to live according to a set of standards that SOMEONE decided was correct. And because we cannot see this scam, we unknowingly initiate our own children into this same mind prison and as a result end up conditioning our kids away from their truth, also.

And here is where I am endlessly grateful for the fateful day Human Design crossed my path.

One of the greatest gifts Human Design gave me was the ability to see my son through new eyes. Instead of feeling like I was constantly struggling with him and he was just a mess – I got to SEE him. It immediately changed my perception of him. I understood him. My ability to show him grace and acceptance skyrocketed. It’s not an exaggeration to say, Human Design saved my relationship to him.

One of my absolute favorite experiences as a Human Design Specialist is watching a parent breathe a deep sigh of relief when I am going through the design of their child. Something clicks and they finally see, like I did, who that little person so deeply needs to be. It’s one of the most gratifying and deeply healing experiences I get to have in my career.

I’ve always offered foundational readings and relationship readings for parents – but now with my foundational MINI offer that is 45 minutes of live information for only $179, this is an absolute no brainer for every parent. If you really want to understand WHO your child is and stop so much of the resistance, give yourself the gift of a foundational MINI where you get to meet your actual child.

Meet who they really are.

Meet their actual needs.

Meet their beauty, their strength and also where they need your support.

Set them up for a life where they feel valued and seen and where they have full permission to be themselves in the most authentic way.

MINI’s are ongoing until November 15th and you receive 10% off every additional chart you add for multiple babies. If you would like to add more than one child for a reading please contact me and let me know how many so I can invoice you with the adjusted pricing and schedule a good time for sessions.

I see you and you are doing a great job – let’s take your effort to the next level with design. Right by your side all the way.

xoxo Shakti

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