Podcast Interview with The Assumption of Love: Intro to Human Design & Burnout

This was my very first podcast interview and it was such a wonderful experience. The creator of the podcast reached out to me after seeing my video on TikTok about burnout and the signs I see in my clients when they are in a burnout cycle. This interview became a really lovely introduction to design! Hoping you enjoy it!

PS. Right now I’m running a special on MINI foundationals for Human Design, my regular foundational sessions are 90 minutes in length and include a 30 page report, these foundationals are 45 minutes live (no report) and all about getting down and dirty with the focus you desire! To save your spot for this fall special, visit HERE, and I’ll write to you immediately following to schedule our session.

An Introduction to Human Design The Assumption of Love

We're excited to have Shakti with us today as she gives us an intro to what The Human Design is about, the different aura types, and how knowing our Human Design can help us live a more authentic life. Side note – my side of the audio gets funky but hopefully you're still able to take what you can!
  1. An Introduction to Human Design
  2. People Pleasing: Survival Mode
  3. The Wonder Woman Complex
  4. Happiness Is Not A Destination
  5. The Pearly Gates of Healing

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