Are You Ready To LIVE Your Aura Type Fully?

One of the comments I receive the MOST often when someone first gets introduced to Human Design is – “This is so confusing! Where do I start?”

And I COMPLETELY get it. The system is nuanced and also really dense. It’s highly mechanical and layered and unless you understand the different layers, it can feel super daunting.

As many of you know I do offer professional readings and have two tiers for reports on individuals as well as family/relationship connection and business support. These are thorough and in depth and an absolutely perfect place to start when you are ALL in and want to know yourself deeply and right away.

I also know that not everyone is ready to start that deeply. I am a 1/3 Projector so you bet your fanny I want all the information and I want it now! But for those of you that don’t have a 1 in your profile and aren’t obsessive projectors, I wanted to create a short and sweet masterclass that could help you get some crucial learning in whilst avoiding the overwhelm.

Enter the Live You Aura Masterclass!

I created this masterclass in order to help initiate you with some of the most basic and applicable elements of your design. Get ready to transform:

  • How you engage with decision making & alignment
  • How you stay healthy & vibrant
  • How you succeed at your career
  • How you were designed to function in relationships

This is the *perfect* introduction to your design in away that is digestible and you can immediately put into action.

While it’s true that there are so many layers to design and the richness of the system is super vast, this introductory masterclass is absolutely a savvy place to start your journey!

There are two dates available for you to attend this 90 minute masterclass: October 12th & 26th. To learn more, visit the info page and register for your session of choice.

Absolutely cannot wait to support you!

xoxo Shakti

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