The Three Pillars of Growth For the 2027 Mutation

It feels like it’s been a small eternity since I’ve written a blog instead of a podcast! Like – who dis!?

Alright – let’s talk about 2027. Because it’s not tooooo far from here. There’s been a lot of gab about what will change in 2027 and some of it I find resonant and then some I realize – we’re already living this reality.

There is a prophecy tied into the year 2027 that Ra (the original translator of Human Design) received alongside all of the HD material. The prophecy stated that in 2027 humanity would go through a mutation as dramatic as the one we saw when modern man came onto the scene. Ra described our current species as Homo Sapiens In Transitus. He constantly spoke of us as being a sort of inbetween human while the more advanced version of who we are meant to be (The Raves) waited to come on the scene.

In all of my work with drafting human design foundational readings and coaching students through my course, I developed three pillars that I see as being pivotal to the future post 2027 in order for us to be able to experience a quality of life that is enriching. I created an entire webinar dedicated to these that I will share below. The pillars are as follows:


These three aspects are really setting us up for the new future of 2027 and will become center focused as we move away from a reality where material acquisition was solely important and move into a space where emotional well-being is the most prized currency.

As a result of this new need I’ve observed in my students, The Sovereign Mastermind was born. A work that combines these three pillars and allows you to be walked through each pillar with your design in focus and with me as a guide to support your restructuring.

We start May 2nd alongside the New Moon and we will work together until the end of July. This is a once a year offering and this time I’m only taking on three students. I have two more spots available. You can apply directly from that page and I will be in touch within the next 24 hours.

Thrilled to help you create your 2027 and beyond,

xo Shakti

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