Sun Transit Message For Adversity

This episode went live two weeks ago so the sun has since transited OUT of this gate. However, the message is STILL true. I welcome you to subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen (spotify or apple) to make sure you never miss an episode when it’s published. There is a new episode live EVERY Monday.

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Sun Transit Message For Navigating Adversity Sovereign AF

In this episode I unpack the sun's current transit as it relates to an event happening in my own life and how you can use this wisdom to approach any obstacle in your own life. Want to have your OWN human design reading? Schedule it here: Join The Sovereign Social & Get Access To Transits & Tarot: [Get On The Waitlist} 12 week Human Design Group Coaching Program: Follow me on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for more behind the scenes goodness! or Pick up some HIGH VIBE and powerfully medicinal essential oils in my shop: — Support this podcast:

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