Sovereignty By Human Design Type – PODCAST EPISODE

In this episode we are diving into how each specific Human Design type experiences Sovereignty in their life. It’s NOT all the same experience for each of us. As different types we need different things! Share below you takeaway from this episode! I’d love to hear your ahas by type!

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Why Understanding Your Decision Making Style is CRUCIAL Sovereign AF

Most of us don’t realize that we’re making decisions in a completely erroneous way. The majority of us believe that we make decisions in our mind and that we just trust the mind when it comes to really important calls. I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be further from the truth. The mind is NOT the place anyone is designed to make decisions from and the sooner you understand this the sooner your entire life will turn around in the most miraculous way. Want to have your OWN human design reading? Schedule it here: Join the upcoming 12 week Human Design Group Coaching Program: Join us in The Sovereign Society on FB: Follow me on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM for more behind the scenes goodness! or Pick up some HIGH VIBE and powerfully medicinal essential oils in my shop:
  1. Why Understanding Your Decision Making Style is CRUCIAL
  2. How To Dramatically Accelerate Your Manifestation Process
  3. Tarot by Type: JANUARY 2022
  4. What Your Throat Center Tells You About How You Manifest
  5. How Manifestation Moves Through The Bodygraph

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