Sovereignty By Human Design Type – PODCAST EPISODE

In this episode we are diving into how each specific Human Design type experiences Sovereignty in their life. It’s NOT all the same experience for each of us. As different types we need different things! Share below you takeaway from this episode! I’d love to hear your ahas by type!

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Understanding Transits & Openness In The Human Design Bodygraph Sovereign AF

With a touch of – how open centers work and an inside into the dynamics of an open throat being! This episode helps break down the value of transits and why I think they help us navigate our day to day. When you know what the major energy themes are during any given season, you can either stop while your ahead or take advantage of them for something you need done. SO HELPFUL.  Join our community on The Sovereign Social: Sign up for the upcoming The Sovereign Sessions: Or Check out any of my services for design here: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
  1. Understanding Transits & Openness In The Human Design Bodygraph
  2. The Myth of Chemistry in Romantic Relationships
  3. The Three Phases Of An Active Personal Growth Journey & When To Know It's Time To Work With A Coach.
  4. Tarot By Type : APRIL 2022
  5. The Self Love & Father Wound Connection – HD Edition

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