Say No To Drugs, Kids.

A whole month since I’ve written a post feels CRAZY. But then again adapting to that two kid mom life and also re-establishing business hours has been equally insane – so, pardon the delay sovereigns!

I had every intention of sitting down today and writing out some helpful fitness and wellness tips that would inspire you to eat a little cleaner, move a little more, and maybe think a little more positively. Then, I decided to visit a website to see what kind of information people were searching for online when it came to weightloss and fitness.

Boy, was that a mood kill.

I could NOT believe how many hits the question, “What weightloss pills are safe” actually received in 2021. Like y’all – have we learned nothing?

Not only are weightloss pills EXTREMELY dangerous and can mess with your heart, kidneys and liver in a PERMANENT way – THEY DON’T WORK.

They don’t ever work.

They artificially suppress your appetite for a little bit, until you aren’t taking them regularly and then your appetite returns with a FUCKING VENGEANCE. It is not uncommon for people to stack on 20 lbs MORE than what they carried PRIOR to starting them. That’s INSANE. And I hate to break it to you but if you are considering doing this or currently are- you have an eating disorder and you need LITERAL help.

I’m not a counselor or a therapist -I’m a coach. I work with already mentally healthy people so they can maximize their life and results. So if you’re struggling PLEASE find yourself a therapist and work on this, this is not a safe way to drop the weight.

That being said, if you are really struggling to lose the weight and your desperate thoughts have played with the idea of something like that – let me stop it right there.

I GET that we can get so desperate in our minds and so uncomfortable in our bodies that we are willing to do ANYTHING – but your wellbeing is not worth risking EVER. Your overall health is the MOST important component of your self care and if you want to lose weight it should be because you want to maximize your well being NOT compromise it.

I understand that initially basic things like exercise, changing our food relationships, etc can seem daunting and like they’ll never work. I can hear already – “I’ve tried everything! It doesn’t work!” Let me assure you that your mindset is the reason not the ‘thing’ you tried. Furthermore if you keep hopping on the diet train and adopting EXTREME patterns of eating, it’s no wonder you are finding yourself desperate.

It starts with wanting to be well.

It starts with small choices that build.

It starts with feeling relaxed and ample in your body.

Don’t engage in NEGATIVE behaviors expecting a POSITIVE outcome. It don’t work that way, sis.

If you’re feeling up to it, I’m hosting a free three day live challenge starting Aug 9th where I will share with you my top THREE shifts that helped me prioritize my fitness and start eating more consciously without deprivation or guilt. Let me help you for FREE. Included will be PDFs to use right away to start that shift in motion.

You are worth a happy, healthy, radiant life – give yourself the chance to live it. Say no to harmful, destructive, self loathing behaviors.

I’ve got you.

In health & sovereignty,


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