Postpartum Wisdom: The Journey Back

This post partum recovery window has been markedly different than my first.

Whereas with my first child, I was left feeling HORRIFIED at my body afterwards and worried that I’d never feel comfortable in my body again, with my second babe the experience has been blessedly different.

A testament to all of the personal work I’ve done over the past 5 years no doubt, I now look at my body post delivery of my second child and truly am amazed that I was ever able to grow and birth two whole human beings from it. This is a miracle in and of itself for all women, but for a woman born with a threatening congenital heart disease who is told very early on this might not be a reality for her – this feels like a bonafide treasure.

This second pregnancy left my body with more work to do for sure – instead of the 30 lbs I gained with my son, I stacked on a hefty 55 with my daughter. Instead of the flawless skin I had with my son, I layered on some dark stretch marks with my daughter. The pregnancies were totally different and so are the aftermaths. But this time, instead of desperately seeking for how to return to a body I can approve of more readily – I’m choosing to begin this recovery from a totally different stand point.

I’m not here to get my body back, I’m here to get back to my body.

Would it feel best to fit all my clothes again and feel light and strong like I did before getting pregnant? Yes! That would rock.

Does that somehow mean that the body that I’m in NOW, 30 lbs over that is LESS good or valuable than that body? No. No it does not.

Both versions of my body are great. They’re both healthy. They’re both strong in different ways. And they both rendered me the miracle of life. Both versions of my body deserve incredible respect. Both versions of my body deserve to be dressed well, to feel comfortable, to be fed nourishing foods.

Unlike after my first when I decided my postpartum body was DEFINITELY less than my before body which led me to desperately jump into fitness from a place of needing to “fix it”, I’m now returning to my routines and self care rituals from a place of wanting to heal, get back to myself, and hopefully, over time, fit in my clothes again and feel comfortable in the space I occupied before. I’m fully aware – this might not happen. I’m fully accepting of that, too.

I’m giving myself a year to get back to me and return to the clothes I used to wear. If it doesn’t happen, I’m getting myself a new wardrobe and honoring my body where it is then. No more saving stuff “just in case I ever fit in it again”.

Here is where I’m starting and why:


  • Collagen peptides (for tissue repair and maintaining healthy hair)
  • Superfood Smoothie (equaling 8 salads a shake and maximizing my antioxidant, probiotic, digestive enzyme, and calm mood experience)
  • Focused Energy Tea (for my afternoon slumps, increased milk production, and healing mushrooms)


I’m also incorporating about 10-12 minutes worth of post partum exercise [exclusively featured in my digital fitness library to help moms begin to heal their core after baby] just enough to start to feel a bit of a burn and then backing off to avoid exertion.

Along this recovery journey I’m honoring my Projector design [human design template] which extensively speaks to tons of REST, minimal steady fitness, and small but nourishing meals. Really listening to my design alongside this recovery has been a game changer and has allowed me a patience I didn’t have before.


I’m spending my time while I nurse baby reading books that are about business, investing, and simplifying my life/work to help me stay motivated, forward thinking, and organized. At night while falling asleep I visualize 5 years from now and all the success and growth we’ve had as a family and as individuals.


Postpartum recovery requires tons of rest as it is. For a human design Projector multiply that times 10. It’s not only about the time it takes to recover from a massive event like birth both physically and energetically, it’s now (for me) about managing my non-sacral aura with TWO children – a 5 year old and a new born – both requiring a ton of attention and energy in different ways. It’s A LOT to parent two kids as it is. For non-sacrals it’s A LOT A LOT. Parenting can feel like a massive drain and it leaves these aura types feeling depleted and like a shell of a human.

For this reason rest has become the MOST important thing I do in my day. I take naps with my big kid and my baby when I can. I call it a night at 8:30 PM along with my kids. If my husband is home and offers to take the baby so I can sleep I say YES. Let me say that this practice of saying yes to rest has helped me bounce back from depletion almost magically and it’s also allowed me to be a less grumpy, more patient parent to my two children.

If you’re a non sacral being – SAY YES TO REST.

Do NOT resist. You NEED it to survive more than any other type.

Mostly I will say I’ve extended myself more grace this time around than I was ever willing to give myself round one. I’m enormously grateful for the growth I’ve experienced since becoming a mother the first time, and I’m glad I now get to help other mothers recover their spirit and their well being one magical small step at a time.

In health & sovereignty,


PS. In the next few weeks I will be hosting a killer fitness group for 30 days that will also involve swag giveaways from my SovereignShakti Etsy shop! If you’d like in – drop me a line! Make sure to write ” 30 Day Fitness Group” in the subject line.

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