Top 3 For The Full Moon in Scorpio

Hello Sovereigns and welcome to your full moon in Scorpio! Here is my sincere hope that you don’t get stung by that scorpion tail during this time. Just saying.

Alright so this moon comes PACKED so much opposition and squaring it’s gonna be a tense ride. So buckle up and let’s take a look into the top three themes.

#1 Challenge/ Unrest/ Obstruction

Yeah so like this is pretty much THE THEME of the now. There is a lot of unrest personally and collectively and it’s being manipulated to amplify it as much as humanly possible. DO NOT FALL FOR IT. Stay in your lane and focus on you! At the same time there is a big surge in people mobilizing to have their voices heard and that is a wonderful thing! We need to have our voices heard and to speak life into the dark corners of reality!

#2 Deep Spiritual Access

We have a really significant aspect marking our ability to connect with our spirituality and pull from it a DEEP sense of faith and purpose. This window will help you stay grounded, connected and with your spiritual eyes on what really matters above and beyond all the noise of the Earth plane.

#3 Death & Rebirth

Rules my Pluto, Scorpio is here to help us TRANSFORM. This is a transformation moon and a powerful one at that! Don’t fear it even if it’s tempting to feel unsettled when in the presence of such potent and often heavy feeling magic. You’ve got this!

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