Why Your Business Feels Like Sh*t

Hello Sovereigns!

I went live on my stories today on the IGs and talked about business and why I meet so many budding or seasoned entrepreneurs that start resenting the work they once loved, or feel burnt out, or feel lost and have no idea if it’s time to let the business go or if they’re doing something totally wrong and just need help.

Trust – I’ve been there.

The world of business is NOT for the faint of heart.

There’s A LOT that you as an entrepreneur need to take a long and honest look at in order to tap into the success and the flow that I think every passionate business creator desperately wants.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade. I’ve had businesses in multiple different fields. I’ve done mobile, brick and mortar, network marketing, coaching etc. I’ve worked in both services and products. I share this to say – I’ve been around and seen a lot.

It wasn’t until I started my network marketing fitness coaching business in 2015, however, that I ran into something very interesting: a business that came WITH a model.

All my years prior in business were just me moving along trying to figure things out as I went and every once in a while emulating a teacher or mentor that I really loved. I had never been given a blueprint for how to grow, run, and manage a business – that was totally mind blowing to me. It’s one of the reasons I loved network marketing, it was a bona fide business in a box.

Very quickly, I noticed that I did not fit this model very well. Not only did I feel very different from the others who were teaching on this business, instructing me, and attempting to help me – it felt abrasive. It didn’t feel fun and exciting like I would hear them describe. I wanted the fun and exciting! So – what was wrong with me?

It took me YEARS to figure this out.

I learned about human design about a year and a half into my fitness business. I was INSTANTLY hooked. At the time I wasn’t helping clients with the knowledge I quickly accrued like I am now, but it became a personal journey of self discovery. I began to make some tweaks to how I lived and engaged with others, but it would take MUCH longer before I recognized how this was a significant key to my own business.

Here’s how the game radically changed for me.

I learned that I am a Projector aura type. That’s only about 20% of the population. Right out of the gate you see where this is going – NO WONDER I did not relate to so many people who were trying to help me. MOST of them were a completely different aura type than myself (Generator) which makes up 70% of the population. In fact I am willing to bet a TON of cold hard cash on the fact that the network marketing concept was invented by a Generator – someone who thrived on their network, could work for a million hours straight, enjoyed making contacts and responding in real time to those engagements.

As a Projector cold messaging someone meant instant rejection, not being recognized and MANY nos. It meant my genius as a guide/coach was seen as abrasive, intrusive and immediately dismissed or ignored. (Projector children often grow up not feeling seen or heard when that is ALL they want). It also means I don’t have endless access to energy and burn out VERY quickly so I have to work in short spurts.

I learned in order for me to THRIVE I had to wait to be recognized and I need to work WAY less. In other words – I share something like a video, blog, comment, story etc. and another person gets to feel that energy and then contacts me because they feel drawn to working with me. They will ask me a question, or ask for help, or ask to schedule something and that is my cue then to decide if that’s an invitation I want to take. If it feels good to me then I continue the interaction sharing my wisdom and knowledge and it usually works out really beautifully for me. I sign up the soul mate clients, find the most amazing team members for my coaching team, and feel energized and like I’m having FUN.

This tactic of course is the total OPPOSITE of what we are taught in that particular industry.

We’re taught to message all the people, start all the interactions, work a thousand hours straight if need be, and follow up on every single one etc. This initiatory behavior is only TRULY organic for Manifestors (9% of the population) and in cases when the connection is strong Generators (70%) of the population. So for about 80% of the population this formula is bang on! For the other 20% it feels like a slow and certain death.

I share this because I want you to know that it may NOT be the business itself that you are unhappy with but HOW you are marketing, operating, engaging, and growing your business. The HOW matters – greatly. It can change the game, take the pressure off and leave you feeling WAY more excited.

Knowing your energy design allows you a secret look into how your aura and your energy works in this world and it allows you to become a good steward of that energy and to bring to you all manner of goodness that you are otherwise evading by acting out of alignment.

If you’d like support figuring this out for you, I am delighted to hold space for you.

You can learn more, read testimonials, and set up your session here and I will help you unpack your design and pull out the KEY things to support you.

If you’d like to watch some videos on this content in general, I invite you to visit my Youtube playlist on Energy Design Analysis where I cover the first 3 most significant components of your Human Design chart.

Wishing you wildly FUN success!

xoxo Shakti

PS. Questions about how this could work for you? Feel free to drop me an email. <3

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