Top 3 For The New Moon in ARIES! [APRIL 2021]

Hello Sovereigns! Welcome to this new moon and the action packed energy that is roaring toward us!

Alright so as always, you can catch the FULL transit report covering both astrological aspects and human design aspects within our patreon community known as The Sovereign Society! Here are my top three summarized for all of y’all!

#1 Mutation/Evolution of social agreements

In Human Design we use the term mutation to mean evolution. The permanent evolution of a way of living, experiencing energy, etc. We are currently living in a time where we are seeing a very dramatic and permanent shift in how we agree and operate socially. In the video I talk about some global issues that demonstrate that and how it could also reflect for your personally.

#2 Closure & Completion

Another major theme is the ending and the completing of either certain relationships, cycles, or projects. This is of course collectively and also personally. What relationships need to be ended? What projects need to be completed? We are reaching a place of closure as a collective (one that will extend into 2022) and in the video I talk more specifically about how to see and feel that.

#3 Auspicious Action

With so many planets in Aries YOU KNOW it’s time to take some action! The good news is with so many sextiles it’s an auspicious action time instead of being just constantly problematic lol. So enjoy this time to advance some specific action moves as outlined in the video!

Wishing you a radiant New Moon in Aries!



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