Top 3 For The Full Moon in Libra [March 2021]

Full moon in Libra brings us an influx of discord and tension and a real struggle to find grounded footing in our relationships and in our identity! Important to stay focused on the things that matter to YOU and to not allow yourself to get derailed.

#1 Tension

They are are hiiiighhh and rather likely to get you in trouble with the words and actions that you take. Check your energy before engaging in ANY projects, alliances or relationships. Make sure to say yes to the things that help you feel empowered and energized and to make decisions NOT from a highly emotional place.

#2 Partnerships

Libra is the ruler of the 7th house which is the house of Partnerships, so there is going to be an added influence in our relationships and partnerships. Again because of the tensions highlighted in part #1 this is an area likely to suffer the fall out of poor communication and mismanagement of energy and time. Focus on the relationships that matter, and put to the side the ones that feel draining.

#3 Discipline

I feel like I’ve covered this theme in previous videos and it’s still a point of focus for right now. This time however, I look at how discipline supports creating emotional space and boundaries so that we can allow ourselves to emotionally process while staying focused on something that requires our structures and habits. Discipline can be really liberating if we lean into it and allow it to become (temporarily) the focus of our energy thus allowing other things to simmer.

In health and sovereignty,

Shakti XX

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