We have arrived at video number #3! REJOICE!

Now as previously discussed it’s important to watch video #1 and #2 in order to really understand how to weave authority into type and strategy. So if you have not seen THOSE videos – go watch em!

Now if strategy is what I call “how you play the game of life” than authority is how you make decisions within that game. How do you really know when a decision is the RIGHT decision for you? How can we be certain we are choosing the correct path for us that will lead us to a greater sense of well being instead of depletion? This is why authority matters SO much – because it is in fact the answer to those questions!

There are seven authority types:

  • Emotional
  • Sacral
  • Splenic
  • Ego
  • G Center
  • Mental
  • Lunar

In the following video I go through each one, explain how you know if you have it, and also HOW to work with it. If you’d like to get an in-depth analysis of your own chart, then hop on over to coaching services and let’s do dat! I WILL be opening up a fitness group VERY shortly that helps clients run their programs based on design and if you’d like to be added to THAT waitlist you can email me!

Wishing you a ROCKING Spring Equinox and all the best as we enter SPRING and enjoy a refreshing change of climate and pace!

In love and sovereignty,

Shakti XX

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