Top 3 For The New Moon in PISCES

Welcome to this New Moon darlings! This Pisces moon comes with all kinds of watery intensity and movement forward. I am feeling this washing of self and flowing into a new reality!

The top three for this new moon point arrows at action and change in real time! It’s time to see some shaking and shifting loves. So let’s dive in.

# 1 Beware of Extremes.

Due to some specific aspects hanging around right now (and specific gates in the HD transit) we are swimming in a frequency prone to EXTREMISM both in how we outwardly project and engage with others but also in how we think and behave. Be wary of your obsessive thoughts and addictive behaviors! Slow down and catch wind of what’s happening. These components of your inner being will outwardly express and lead to non-productive reactivity in your environment.

# 2 Health.

This is STILL a big point of focus for this new moon particularly because of an upcoming conjunction between the moon and neptune. Here, however, I draw attention to your psychic, emotional and mental well being whereas in the past Full Moon there was more of a physical body emphasis. That is STILL there, however I see a shift to this more subtle health.

# 4 Recognition & Action

We’ve spent a lot of time in transits that spoke to our yearning, wishing, hoping for new community restructuring and for a return to true community. In these transits and moving forward we are seeing a RECOGNITION of the request of the collective and positive action forward to make these changes HAPPEN now. It’s a very exciting time and I expect to see more of this moving forward.

To catch the FULL transit report, you can join us in The Sovereign Society (our Patreon community) by joining the metaphysical tier or the master member tier! This one will be up precisely on the 13th when the New Moon is officially activated!

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In health and sovereignty!

Shakti xo

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