GOD is an experience; not a set of rules.

Over this past week, I had a very interesting conversation with a friend and fellow business partner. She is relatively fresh to her spiritual journey as a SEPERATE journey from her upbringing which was very strictly Christian with a lot of rules and regulations on living.

In her experience away from that world, she ran into something equally as interesting and almost distressing – the spiritual world outside of Christianity offered her another set of rules, albeit different ones, in how one gets to connect to God. She was living under this unspoken impression that unless she did certain things, and perhaps lived her life a certain way, she would not “develop spiritually”.

I’m very woo. Y’all know this by now.

I have lived in the realm of metaphysics for over a decade and I have grown deeply in my different practices and explorations. I have an enormous amount of respect for humans who work diligently to fine tune their intuition, live a life true to their love of God, and work daily to be a good human. So, the following comments are said as observation and for the sake of explaining a point.

We’ve all seen the VERY typical ‘spiritual’ influencer on youtube, instagram, or Facebook, haven’t we?

They’re usually wearing VERY specific clothing – mostly ONLY long, patterned skirts, or pants that look like skirts, colors that don’t match, they may or may not have dreads, gemstones are an accessory item in their wardrobe and their homes are draped in endless tapestries depicting various images of various cultures which they may or may not even know the significance of. It’s a VERY specific image.

They often talk about how much yoga they do, or meditation, the countless hours of moon rituals and drumming and medicinal plants and on and on and on.

Are there spiritualists who GENUINELY vibe with this image and just live it very organically? Yes.

Are there spiritualists that have ADOPTED this image to come across a certain way and get you to trust them? Also, Yes.

This kind of emphasis on what a “spiritual” person looks like leaves anyone who DOESN’T look like that or want to feeling like they will never have the same “access” or “experience” because they can’t ever be THAT woo.

It can often even become the brand of what it means to be spiritual.

So this is my message for anyone who has been doubting their own ability to connect with Source and to evolve spiritually – God is not an image, a set of rules, a set of behaviors or an appearance. God is an experience.

God is the experience of Love.

Of Presence.

Of Humility.

Of Service.

God is in the moments of intense gratitude that grip you and makes you want to cry. God is in the warmth in your chest when your child embraces you, or when a stranger thanks you for an act of kindness. God is the goodness that lives in every soul. It is the unifying force – the all that is.

It doesn’t matter what you look like. It doesn’t matter what faith you were raised in. It doesn’t matter what faith you practice now. It doesn’t matter what rituals you do or do not do – EVERYONE has access to God. Everyone gets to develop spiritually. Everyone gets to.

The rituals and practices we are drawn to are incredibly individual and they should be the precise ones that draw you in and make you feel embraced by the expanse of life.

Sometimes for us busy moms it’s that quiet moment after the babies are in bed and you’re up washing dishes. In that moment of stillness as you mindfully wash your dishes, caring for your home, you say a quiet prayer of gratitude to God for a warm, well fed home full of love. THAT is a spiritual experience. No less valid or significant than the one experienced by a yogi atop a mountain in a 4 hour meditation sit.

There is no RIGHT way to experience God.

There is only God. There is you and your internal light. There is you and your internal peace. There is only you and the love you choose to radiate daily as a testament to your relationship to God.

God is also the mundane.

The simple.

The unnoticed.

The rushed through.

There ARE influencers and people who label themselves as gurus that will have you believe that they are somehow special or unique and that in order for you to also be that, you have to master a certain set of principles or rules and live a certain way. This, friends, is called a cult. It’s cult mindset. It’s not spiritual development.

Every single human on this planet contains within them a consciousness so profound and vast that if they genuinely learned how to make time for their practice of appreciation and inner stillness, they’d be blown away by. No human is more special than you.

I have been a practicing intuitive, psychic and interfaith minister for over a decade. My intuition and insight are not unique to me – it’s something we ALL possess. It is our ability to tap into the field of knowing and to access information. Quantum physics has already proven we are all connected and we can access any information we desire by way of intention. Some people are born either slightly more adept or less conditioned. Some people are born with a natural inclination for certain things.

But all people are capable of spiritual development, advanced cognition, and quantum living. This isn’t reserved for some elite.

So if you’re early in your search – keep going. Listen to your natural draw. Listen to what resonates in your body. Listen to what makes you come alive with joy. By way, understanding your human design can help you LOADS in the recognition process, and if you’d like support with that, you can schedule a session here.

May this bring you peace and resonance and deepen your personal practice of acknowledging God in the every day.

In love and Sovereignty,

Shakti xo

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