Top 3 For The Full Moon in VIRGO [FEB 2021]

It’s that time againnnn, and welcome back to THIS full moon of the month! As February rapidly speeds by (like seriously, where did you go tho!?) it’s time to sink our energetic teeth into this full moon and really get a feel for the transits and how to work with them!

Alright so let’s just take a second to recognize the fact that VIRGO is a really powerful force for figuring out issues and also keeping everyone humble.

Yeah…exactly lol. SO – considering that the moon is currently residing in this sign and that the moon is about our emotional reality (how we nurture ourselves and others) this is well a time to look at those components of our emotional reality that aren’t fitting into the life we want to have. In the next part of this, we’ll go over the THREE main areas to look at in your own life and you can catch the video for even more in depth materials.

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#1 Discernment.

This is the time to really dig into the feels of every part of your life. Sit down and get REAL about what’s working and what’s not in your own life. This can also apply to all the content you are consuming externally – the news, social media, videos etc. It’s imperative that you get down to the TRUTH that resonates within you and decide what you need to change to live a more aligned life.

#2 Freedom.

Likely this will remain a big theme for the rest of the friggin year as I’m seeing it – HOWEVER – we are getting to the point where we are becoming increasingly less okay with the loss of mobility and access that we were once told was “for the good of all”. As more information becomes available to us that contradicts this narrative we are beginning to see that’s actually NOT the case and we are being impinged in every way with basic freedoms. The rally cry is strong. Important to remember to not be BRASH with your communication and to be respectful of others.

#3 Physical Well Being.

Pay real close attention to your body. What you’re eating, ingesting, inoculating yourself with, whether you’re moving or stagnant, and also what you’re allowing INTO your body by way of what you listen to and or speak of. Physical health is on the forefront right now and there are likely going to be a higher occurrence of illness and discomfort.

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In health and sovereignty,


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