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After receiving many different questions regarding human design and WHAT it is and HOW it works and also how in the heck it’s gonna help someone heal and find direction, I’ve put together an 8 part video series that is going to help you understand EXACTLY all those things.

In this first video we are going to talk about TYPE, or more specifically Aura Type. This is the most BASIC categorization of your design. This is going to help you understand all the other components of your HD chart and how it all works together.

So, Why Is Human Design Different?

The FIRST part of this video I answer the question of: “How is Human Design DIFFERENT than things like Enneagram, or Myers Briggs, or Astrology?” You will hear me break down the difference (and similarity) in these and why I personally prefer natal astrology and human design to any other type of chart or test.

The Aura Types

In the next part of the video and the bulk of the video I dive into the FOUR main aura types (there are 5 but that fifth is a sub-type tucked into a main type).

There are two “energy” types:

  • The Manifestor
  • The Generator

And two “non-energy” types:

  • The Projector
  • The Reflector

There is a sub-type to the Generator which is explained in the video.

What Does My Aura Type Tell Me?

Your aura type will help you understand the primary energy design of your being. This is how you are operating in the world and how you are being experienced at the same time. You will notice in the small images of each type in the video, there are words under the image of the aura, such as “repelling” “closed” “open” etc. This is how your aura BEHAVES in the experience of being in the world. While some of the words may sound not great, no aura is a bad aura. Understanding how to WORK with it, is essential.

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