Top 3 For New Moon in Aquarius

Alright alright! Let’s get this social reform party started, am I RIGHT!?

So this new moon kicks off some really intense vibes (which to be honest, we’ve already BEEN feeling) and it’s not necessarily gonna get any easier any time soon.

Now, before we dive in (I mention this in the video as well, but I know some of y’all like to read) I am including NEW Transit chart readings in my in depth reports inside of the Sovereign Society for every New and Full Moon reading event as well! So these shorter videos are the ones I record for the public, inside of the SS I do lengthier videos between 20-40 minutes where I dive into the energies of the moon’s placement in the transit, how my patrons can figure out where the moon is affecting them the most in this particular window, and now I’ll be covering both Human Design and Astrology CURRENT transits to uncover the collective and personal effects we will be seeing in our lives during this time more in depth!

I’m so excited about this! Like WAY TO OPEN THE CLARITY GATES!

Let’s jump right in.

#1 Community & Social Reform

This is a HUGE factor in this new moon because so many planets (the sun, the moon, mercury, venus, jupiter AND saturn) are all under the sign of AQUARIUS which governs advancement and technology but also the 11th house of social reform. I think it’s safe to say that we’re about to dive into some escalating changes in order to bring about real world change that we all *actually* want. This isn’t to say shit isn’t gonna get ugly before we love it, but I do feel hopeful that we are moving in the direction of a better evolution for community and reform!

#2 Material Resources

Collectively we are absolutely being driven into a total reboot of our economy and not necessarily in the best way. There is a VESTED interest in crashing our economy so that we can be forced into a financial reset that will NOT benefit us. HOWEVER, there is another plan for a financial reset that would advance us a TON economically and afford us to get out of the debt enslavement system we’ve been trapped in for ages. On a personal level, this is absolutely the time to ask yourself how you can become a better steward of YOUR material resources. The sign of Taurus governing the 2nd house of possessions shows up repeatedly in the active gates of this Human Design Transit asking us to get clarity! The desire to go minimal, consume less and use more is also espoused by this energy.

#3 Disclosure & Truth Rising

I DID say early on in January 2021 that this was going to be the year of disclosure and let me tellllll yaaaa it absolutely is. We’ve already seen so much about fraud, corruption, lies and really knarly shadow government type of stuff rise to the surface and this is really only the TIP of that iceberg. I run a show on Bitchute on current events where I dive into these disclosures, you can catch it here or you can also join the patreon where they get it first! So eyes up for way more of that and also in your personal life stay aware of the truths that NEED TO BE TOLD that have been hidden up until now.

Wishing you an AWESOME New Moon experience!

In health & sovereignty,

Shakti XX

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