ENERGY PROTECTION : The Secret Reason You Might Not Be Losing Weight

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know I’ve been working in the world of health and fitness for YEARS. I’ve been particularly in weight loss, post partum recovery, food issues healing for nearly 5 years. In all the time I’ve done that work, I’ve seen clients fall into TWO camps:

  1. The clients that get started on a program and commit, complete, see results and continue to progress relatively easily.
  2. The clients that start with gusto and then do NOT complete anything, never use their system, and don’t progress.

The system for fitness and nutrition that I promote and use is VERY simple.

It’s not complicated, it doesn’t require tons of time, it fits into ANY lifestyle – it’s literally miraculous.

So I KNOW that the reason people do not progress and don’t see results is because of something ELSE.

In this blog I’m going to discuss ENERGY PROTECTION and how weight retention and weight gain can be a direct reflection of this personal struggle.

There are THREE main reasons why we hold onto weight even when we’re doing ‘the right things’ and everything physically seems to check out:

  • Sexual Trauma/Sexual Imbalance
  • God trauma/Disconnection
  • Lack of rest

There is also just pure psychic sensitivity as you’ll hear me discuss in the video that can also be a reason why we buffer with fat.

In the video I share that I stumbled upon the first two of the list on my own just by observing the patterns of people I knew either personally or thru my work as a minister doing spiritual counseling. In the past few years of Human Design study, I’ve realized this kind of pattern also appears VERY obviously in the charts of those who experience it and can often explain why certain behaviors happen.

The third one came to me strictly through human design and the study of it and this one REALLY explains a lot about my own personal trials and tribulations with burning out RAPIDLY and not knowing when ‘enough is enough’.

So, if this is part of your story and you are struggling to find harmony, check out the video below and drop me any questions or comments you might have! As always if you’d like to have your charts done and analyzed via video, with a link to recording and also PDF documents to keep you can book a session with me and receive some GOODIES in February like my Monthly Moon Map totally free for 2021!

In health and sovereignty!


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