A Thousand Pieces Documentary – a MUST watch

I’ll begin by saying that this blog is COMMITTED to helping you live a healthy, vibrant and SOVEREIGN life.

This means helping you stay aware, connected, healing, and FREE in your body and mind.

Given our current events globally I feel the DEEP CALL to remind us all of our responsibility to stay FREE and reclaim our FREEDOM as individuals and a collective.

The following interview was done with a woman by the name of Cathy O’Brien.

At this point I’ve watched COUNTLESS hours worth of her interviews and evidence. It’s absolutely shocking in every possible way.

She did recently make a documentary called A Thousand Pieces alongside some other incredible humans to blow the whistle on HOW we as a collective are being actively controlled.

This particular interview with Laura Eisenhower was incredible and really connected a ton of dots for me, personally.

I ask that you open your mind as you listen and really RECEIVE what she is saying. Listen with your heart and your open intuition and purchase that documentary and watch it.

I do not receive ANY kickback for promoting this documentary. I just feel in my SOUL that it’s important everyone watches it and has access to it.

She also published a book in the 90’s called Trance-Formation of America that you can access directly from her website.

It is my most sincere hope that this space provides information to you that helps you DISCERN within yourself what is TRUTH.

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In love and SOVEREIGNTY,


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